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Rogue’s Gallery Update

In Tech on September 20, 2011 at 12:50 pm

I’m feeling an urge to do my periodic update on Book & the Library of Books…. So to reference the old posts.

World of Warcraft

Book‘s 85, Assassination. She’s mostly in Firelands gear for the visible gear except for the shoulders. Just saw the Tier 13 designs. Hated it. Being the only rogue in my 10 man team I’ll be stuck with the heirloom daggers.

World of Warcraft

TatianaSeray is 33 still. Protection. Her heirlooms are currently on Holy though.

World of Warcraft

Bookocurses is 85 & sadly lacking gear. She’s eligible for Zul’s but that’s about it (i355). She gets kicked from groups there for her low dps so I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. Her gear is supposedly Tier 11 Heroic capable. She’s Demonology/Affliction. Destro just seemed too weird this expansion.

World of Warcraft

Bankbook. permanently level 4 it seems. But she’s a hard worker at that auction house.

World of Warcraft

Booktrey is level 62, Protection. In a phase where lowbie tanking was very difficult I swore off tanking, she’s a questing only toon, but she’s protection. That shield? Oh yeah like 185 honor. Won an AV & got enough honor for it in 1 game.

World of Warcraft

Shepardbook is 65 now. Discipline/Shadow. I gave up the 10% xp for the BOA archeology chest since it has a TON of intellect. Oh & she hasn’t quested other than dungeon quests since she was 15.

World of Warcraft

Naturebook is 85, Boomkin/Resto. She’s back in Veritas currently. In a mishmash of gear, but it’s the best I could get my hands on. She’s currently running Firelands. Yes & those are PvP shoulders because this season’s PvP shoulders were better than the Zul’s shoulders & she never could seem to get other shoulders.

World of Warcraft

Badbook is 85. Blood/Unholy.  According to charts her gear is Firelands normal ready, but there’s still a lot of JP gear she could use & I’m not doing hardly any dungeons in on her for VP.

World of Warcraft

Holybook is 60. Protection/Retribution. Dungeons are kinda fun on her tanking again between the threat fixes & the heirloom tanking gear I pulled off Tatiana. Well & she was the first one I pulled the PvP for 185 honor for the shield for. Looks like she won’t really replace it till mid-BC levels. For her it was 2 battlegrounds.

World of Warcraft

Shiftybook is 15. She’s feral, just don’t ever seem to have time for her… Poor thing.

World of Warcraft

Hunterbook is 46. Beastmastery. She’s on my 2nd account. Yes, that is a purple crocolisk she has. It was a rare in Dustwallow.

World of Warcraft

Magebook is 25. Frost. Gets no love either.

World of Warcraft

Shammybook is 27. Elemental. I may take her Ele/Resto in 3 more levels & see how I like resto.

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