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Who is TatianaMik? I play an avatar called Tanya Book in Second Life and a rogue called Book in World of Warcraft. I just ramble around about whatever interest me. I like film, food, my job & random bits of useless knowledge. I’ve finally got most of my friends on Twitter and I’m using it a lot cause it travels with me. I write fanfiction because I have a story about those characters that I want to tell. I hold 2 degrees, one is in Chemistry with a Mathematics minor & one is in Nursing. Professionally I‘m a nurse, currently I work General ICU, but I’ve had experience with Trauma/ER, Neuro & Cardiac as well. I view myself as a scientist. (Hey, Nursing is a science. It takes a nurse to save your life.)

I’m going to end with some of my profiles, basically anywhere you can friend me.

  1. [...] There is little information on the Wikipedia profile; however, she provided a link to her blog (http://tatianamik.wordpress.com/about/).  The fifth user is another unregistered user (  There is no information about [...]

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