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How I travel with pets

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1. Food/ water is quickly accessible.


2. They travel with their cage doors open.



3. I keep windows cracked.
4. Litter box in the back is accessible.
5. I try to limit stops to 15 min.

A True Con Survival Guide: Staying Safe

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Tanya Book:

Sad to hear about the assault, but some good tips here.

Originally posted on Another Castle:

Image: Another Castle

Image: Another Castle

On July 29, one day after San Diego Comic Con 2014 came to a close, details arose regarding a 17-year-old cosplayer who had been assaulted at the convention. While little is known as to what had entirely happened, what is known is that a young cosplayer wandered the grounds on her own after a fight with a friend, was assaulted, and left unconscious and in critical condition.

While this event is more extreme and tragic than most, the truth is that these things are far too common at every convention. From rape, to molestation, to attacks both verbally and physically, con-goers and cosplayers all-too-often let their guards down when traversing the con.

In light of recent events, we’d like to teach and remind our fellow geeks about getting through a con weekend safely.

1) Safety in Numbers

Let’s face facts, a convention doesn’t mean you’re safe…

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Beta Booked: Horde Garrison

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Gazlowe Garrison Architect

Gazlowe Garrison Architect

I love the conversation surrounding this.

Archmage Khadgar says: … You’re entrusting a goblin to be your foreman?

Thrall says: Gazlowe oversaw the construction of Orgimmar.

Gazlowe says: Orgrimmar! The impenetrable fortress!

Archmage Khadgar says: Wasn’t it recently sacked?

Gazlowe says: Yeah yeah. Okay, one little sacking.

Journal: Internet connections

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So I’ve been putting up with my parent’s DSL internet which one of their phone filters is bad. I get disconnected every time the phone rings.

I’ve done the Flickr photo album for my Biltmore trip. Wish there was a better way to embed this in WordPress.com.

Wildstar Beta Monday, May 12, 2014

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When doing the quest Curing the Masses [15] we were being attacked by things we could not see. Found the answer here. It’s a bar in the upper left that isn’t very noticeable that shows plague exposure. There really needs to be more of a warning about it.

Mount prices need to come down. Between paying for Rez and repairs. I made it to level 15 with 48 silver. You need 10 gold. Sad smile

Also on my enigneer, I cannot dismiss my bruiserbot Sad smile

And today I have Nos’s bug where I cannot place things from my Chest to my property. Found the answer, you have to have Ctrl+F5 (Edit toggle) enabled to place stuff.

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Playing with Dolls: Shopping on Rodeo Drive

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This was my first Covet Fashion game entry. The contest was Shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Covet Fashion http://bit.ly/1eVwpy6
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Ten Reasons Why Lawrence County’s History is Cooler Than Other Places’ History | The Lawrence County Historical Review

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9.  The only F5 tornado in Tennessee history ripped through western Lawrence County.

Although this certainly wasn’t ‘cool’ to those who experienced it, it is still a remarkable part of our county’s history. On April 16, 1998, a large tornado touched down in Wayne County, Tennessee. It gained strength as it traveled northeast, and the damage it caused by the time it reached Deerfield in western Lawrence County was on such a massive scale that the National Weather Service later declared it to be an F5 on the original Fujita scale. This was the only tornado in Tennessee’s history to be considered an F5 using that particular means of measurement (meteorologists swapped to the enhanced Fujita scale, or EF scale, since 2007). However, because news coverage of smaller tornados in downtown Nashville overshadowed coverage of the Lawrence County event, meteorologists have dubbed it ‘The Forgotten F5.’[2]

via Ten Reasons Why Lawrence County’s History is Cooler Than Other Places’ History | The Lawrence County Historical Review.

Postach.io // Evernote Devcup 2013 // Hacker League

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testing to see if Postach.io & IFTTT works with WordPress. Experimental post only

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Daily Journal: Day 10, No approval email yet & we did Thanksgiving a day early

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The innocent look after being caught trying to...

The innocent look after being caught trying to break into cabinets. via tatianamik


Not that I really should expect the books to be posted this week, but I’ve started so now I’m keeping count. Day 10, iBooks not yet posted. Looks like the World of Warcraft book was downloaded 5 times yesterday. So yay for activity.


Had Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. Did a lot of the kitchen prep work. Hey, I can wield a knife just fine. I just can’t cook. Anyway I’m getting sleepy and it’s not even midnight yet. Dang turkey.


On the pet battles book I’m writing. I’ve got through the Pandaria trainers pasted into the book. Still need to work on Beasts of Fable & The Celestial Tournament. And layout. But I got a bit of work done last night. Today I’ve been cleaning out my RSS feed reader. I’m about a week and a half behind there.


I’ve changed my theme on the blog to a Christmasy one to hopefully put me in the mood for it.  I’m hopefully going to try to do the NaBloPoMo into December. Try for a post a day.




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