Beta Booked: Alliance Garrison Fiona




Class/Spec: Holy Priest

Abilities: Mind Sear (Counters Minion Swarm)

Traits: Wanderlust Increases success chance on missions with travel time longer than 6 hours. 

Obtained: From the quest line started via the Crippled Caravan quest from The Draakorium, Shadowmoon Valley

Quality: Uncommon

I first met Fiona in Eastern Plaguelands while leveling one of the library. I just wish I could have recruited the paladin twins. Yes, I know one is a dwarf and the other is a blood elf, but I think of them as the paladin twins.

Anyway Mind Sear reminds me of a Shadow Priest, not a Holy Priest.



Beta Booked: Alliance Garrison Follower Shelly Hamby

Shelly Hamby

Shelly Hamby

Shelly Hamby

Class/Spec: Subtlety Rogue

Abilities: Evasion (Counters Massive Strike)

Traits: Heavy Drinker Increases success chance when on a mission with a pandaren

Obtained: I forget which quest, but it’s finding missing members of your garrison supply caravan in Shadowmoon Valley.

Quality:  Uncommon

Beta Booked: Shadowmoon Valley

Lunarblossom gathering quest

Lunarblossom gathering quest

I don’t know why, but I really like the “gather flowers for me so I can ask a girl out” quests. This one though I think I need to do something else for him.

Follower missions

Follower missions

I wish I had more missions and followers to play with… This management is interesting to me and I want to figure it out… I have 12 characters at 90 so that’s 12 different garrisons to staff.

Played around a bit on WoD Beta

I played around a bit on World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Beta thanks to a friend. I made a premade hunter. The lack of serpent sting taking up a keybind is a bit weird. Because I have my pattern memorized with survival hunter and having that button difference is strange. Also the lack of an interrupt is horrible too.

The cute little tiny Dark Portal. Seriously it's cute. Deadly, but cute.

The cute little tiny Dark Portal. Seriously it’s cute. Deadly, but cute.

Everyone's trying to click on the Banner for an opening quest. Seriously, Blizz let's learn a lesson from last expansion and Timeless Isle. 80 people cannot click on the same item at the same time. This WILL be a problem.

Everyone’s trying to click on the Banner for an opening quest. Seriously, Blizz let’s learn a lesson from last expansion and Timeless Isle. 80 people cannot click on the same item at the same time. This WILL be a problem.

Wildstar Beta & Heroes of the Storm Alpha

I’ve been working on 2 games today… Wildstar Beta is going along. My Chua is level 10 and my Exile Human settler is level 12 I think.

Screenshot 2014-05-10 21.49.39

I also logged into Heroes of the Storm Alpha and finished the tutorial to show the game to a friend. It’s not my style of game. I can just see people not getting along and I get very nervous about playing with others. I got several photos to share later just from poking around in Heroes of the sTorm.


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Daily Journal: What I’ve been up to

I haven’t posted in quite a while. What I’ve been up to lately:

  • Playing Diablo 3
  • Still raiding in World of Warcraft
  • Putting together outfits in the Covet Fashion app (hey it’s paper dolls to go)
  • Playing with my new Pebble Watch
  • Working
  • I’ve also published a few books on the iBooks store. They are game guides.

What I’d like to do:

Alt Appreciation #PriestWeek

I’ve been slacking on doing my last alt class. My baby priest is one I enjoyed in Cataclysm. I just haven’t found enough time to play her to my liking. She’s on the 3000 valor points portion of the quest for her legendary cloak.


Daily Journal: Want to do vs Actually do

World of Warcraft Cosmic Map, showing Azeroth ...

World of Warcraft Cosmic Map, showing Azeroth (bottom right corner) and Outland (top left corner). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I want to do many things. I want to gear all my World of Warcraft characters. I want to finish the hunter book. I want to farm all the mounts I don’t have. I want to level the last 2 classes I don’t have at 90. I want to level my horde characters. I want to do Photo 365..


What I actually do: Play for an hour then log off and read some book not even in my To Read backlog. Or just go to bed.


Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Still catching up with Alt Appreciation. This week is Paladins. My new main alt is my Paladin. Like I’ve said in previous posts my main stays the same, but my main alt rotates.

Holybook started as a dranaei, but I was wanting to change her to human so I did when there was a sale on it. She’s Holy/Prot. Much better geared as Holy though. Prot is for dailies.

Booktrey is still leveling. She’s my highest level horde. She is my primary way of seeing Horde storyline. As you might can tell from the shield she’s Prot as well. I really don’t care for Retribution on a paladin. I can do it. Got pretty decent with CLCret, but still don’t like the play style.


Daily Journal: I don’t wait patiently


If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see the book’s I currently have submitted for approval. There’s an update in review for the World of Warcraft guide, but it is currently available in the 1.0 version. The Hearthstone book is Unavailable pending review because it is a first submission. The SWTOR: Trooper book is an old one I wrote after the Jedi Knight, Smuggler & Jedi Consular books. It was rejected because of some formatting issues. I resubmitted it recently as I think the iBooks Author updates have fixed the issue that was causing the rejection. Anyway I keep checking and keep checking. So far not approved. I had to look back at my texts to a friend submitted the Hearthstone book on 11/18/2013, so today is Day 5 without approval. I want to say I submitted the edits the same day.

Today I’ve been working on the Pet Battles book. Hope to have it down to just needing formatting here soon. I’m currently working on the Pet Tamer NPCs .