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Beginning of the year 10 Favorite iPhone apps list

In Tech on April 2, 2011 at 9:21 pm
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As my friends can tell you I have a lot of apps on my iPhone. I run a little late, but I try to do a yearly update of the apps I frequently use.

10. Tsheets – Goes with the web service at http://www.tsheets.com I have to track my own hours & complete paper time sheets at work. I use this app to “clock in” to track my work hours. Then I pull up the website when completing my paper timesheet & fill in the blanks.

9. DC Comics – Read full color comic books on your iPhone. I like the Marvel app slightly better, but I like the content from DC better.

8. Foodspotting – Want to see what restaurant meals near you look appetizing. Foodspotting is a social networks for sharing photos & comments about cuisine near you.

7. Foursquare – Checking in? This is how some of my friends keep up with where I am. I’m currently mayor of 8 locations.

6. Kindle – As almost everyone who knows me knows I love my books. This allow me to carry many of them with me.

5. Audible – I also love audiobooks because I can have a story while I drive. This is a great program that will play the audiobook, plus allow you to bookmark where you were at.

4. Hiptasmatic – I like photography, but I also like interesting, unpredictable & “artsy” photography. This allows me to have that in my pocket at all times.

3. Twitter – Be social! Random updates from my life & links to other things I find cool.

2. Waze – Free GPS with turn-by-turn directions. Also fun with gaming elements such as “munching” new roads with a Pac-man like icon for points.

1. Evernote – This is my brain. I store many many notes to myself in this.

TomTom for iPhone en route | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld

In Uncategorized on July 6, 2009 at 1:07 pm
my iPhone may have GPS but I still love my TomTom
Image by ~C4Chaos via Flickr

TomTom for iPhone en route | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld

More info on the iPhone TomTom offical app. I am looking forward to this….

Discovering WoW Addons

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2009 at 5:06 pm

While I’m not the uber-mod person like some of my friends, I have a few I’ve discovered that I like.

1. Cartographer – There was one thing missing from basic default WoW. Map coordinates. I can read a map. I can read a map well. But I would get halfway across the region only to find out I ran the wrong way.This was the first addon I wanted.


Auctioneer Menu

Auctioneer22. Auctioneer – This was my second addon. Lethann uses it. Mainly she uses it for the Auto Vend feature, but I was selling quite a bit on the auction house and was manually tracking it. It takes a bit of time to set it up and longer to learn to work it, but if you Auction frequently this is something you need. And I’ve made a bit of gold on the auction house. I’m so low leveled right now I just have gathering professions. But it shows you thing in colors Red for selling high. Yellow for good markup. Green for average price. Blue for really underpriced. Now I’m not really buying off the auction house. I’m just selling, but if an herb I have is mostly blue I’ll hang on to it for 2-3 days until the prices on them start climbing. Also I’m using it for items that I find in my travels. Who knew that you needed the crispy spider legs for cooking? Well Auctioneer will tell me that when I hover over an item. Also it will tell me the price a vendor will pay for an item. If I’m questing and I can’t use either item that is offered as a quest reward and they are Soulbound, I can see what a vendor will pay for the item. That way I can take the quest reward that brings the highest return from the vendors. Yes it may be just  a few copper, but a few copper is a few copper.

3. TomTomFu – Little GPS like arrow. It shows you where you need to go.

[Review] iPhone app: Where

In Tech on September 3, 2008 at 1:50 pm

Website: N/A
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: Free
Uses: GPS

photo.jpgI have Google Maps. Why do I need Where? That’s what I asked myself. One thing got me to download i. Gas Buddy. It locates you on the GPS and pulls up things near you. Gas prices from Gas Buddy, quizzes from Quibblo, events from Eventful, Yelp! and the prerequisite Starbucks locator.

[Review] iPhone app: Diggnation On The Go

In Tech on August 26, 2008 at 1:03 pm

Website: www.diggnation.com
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: Free
Uses: 3G Network

photo.jpgDiggnation is a video podcast that cover stories from Digg.com. With this app you can play the video without downloading the file and syncing with your computer. Diggnation On The Go app is NOT made by the folks who produce Diggnation, but by a third party.

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[Review] iPhone apps: AirMe

In Tech on August 24, 2008 at 1:57 pm

Website: www.airme.com
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: Free
Uses: GPS & Camera

photo.jpgThis was an app I was underwhelmed with. I seriously have considered uninstalling and deleting it. All it does is geotag the snapshot your are taking. It can post to Twitter in the latest version. It does allow you to set a Title & Tags, but not add a description. It uploads to Facebook or Flickr as well as AirMe’s own site. It also allows you to email the photo if that’s your thing.

Suggestions for improvement:
-Do something original to set yourself apart

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[Review] iPhone app: Instapaper Free

In Tech on August 20, 2008 at 1:44 pm

Website: www.instapaper.com
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: Free
Uses: Network 

photo.jpgI’ve raved about Instapaper [2] cause it does one thing well. I used to keep tabs open because I wanted to read something “Later”.  Now I can click on that “Read Later” bookmarklet on my browser and close that tab. I also love that after I click that link and read the article it takes the link out of the queue.

Now to my delight there is the Instapaper app. It downloads the  10 most recent marked stories so you can read them offline. Very handy for when you’re stuck waiting somewhere.

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[Review] iPhone app: Twinkle

In Tech on August 19, 2008 at 1:37 pm

Website: N/A
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: Free
Uses: Network & GPS

photo.jpgTwinkle is a twitter client. I tried Twitterific when it first came out and didn’t like it. I couldn’t figure out how to do a reply. And I do alot of conversations on Twitter. Twinkle is cool that it can geotag your twitter posts and also can show you twitters near you. I’m made a few new friends that way.

Suggested Improvements
-Fix Twitter (yeah, I know not something this company can do)
-Handle usernames with underscores better. Two friend and I have noticed that @Amelia_Book ‘s name has issues in Twinkle.
-Let us use it without having to sign up for the Twinkle account.
-Fix crashing when taking a photo.

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[Review] iPhone Apps: G-park

In Tech on August 11, 2008 at 1:36 pm

Website: N/A
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: $0.99
Uses: GPS

photo.jpgSimple little application. And probably the most useful 99 cents I spent. You park your car and click the large “Park Me” Button. Step 2 is get lost according to the website. When you’re ready to go back to where you where just click the “Where Did I Park?” button. It will then give you the choice of Directions or Exact Location. Directions are good if you’ve parked a ways away (like when you’ve carpooled). Exact Location is much better when you’re just trying to find your car in a parking lot. This boots you over to Google Maps and drops a pin where your vehicle is.

I’ve almost neglected the With Details button. You can add details such as Level C via the With Details button.
2 great iPhotosphoto.jpg2 great iPhotos

Traffic Tech or How to Love ATL traffic

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2008 at 10:29 pm
P1010990Image by Ronnie Garcia via Flickr

I have driven a few days and experienced Atlanta traffic. And a 6 lane parking lot.

A tech tip on dealing with traffic. Number 1, check before you leave. I use my iPhone to check Georgianavigator.com before I leave to see if I need to avoid traffic jam spot. Also I check the built in Google Maps Traffic in case something is different. And I always assume the worst. This has mad the diffrence between a 0.5 hr trip and a 1.5 hr trip. Now the Google Maps traffic is an unimportant feature if you live and work in say…. Cookeville, TN. In ATL it’s great. It’s almost a necessity

I used TomTom to navigate me where I’m going. I use one with the text to speech function where it will tell me I have a turn coming up soon and need to get in a certain lane and then it will tell me when to turn. If I miss a turn or go the wrong way it will automatically recalculate how to get to my destination from that spot.

I recommend gasbuddy.com to find where the lowest cost fuel is, and keep the gas bill down.

*ATL is Atlanta, GA, USA if you haven’t figured it out by now

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