Daily Journal: The worst 20 minutes of your life

Flashpoint (TV series)

Flashpoint (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve watched the Flashpoint TV series and one of the phrases that stuck with me is “We meet people in the worst 20 minutes of their lives.” This applies to me quite often. I work as a critical care nurse. I am literally with people for the most stressful time in their life. But I’m damn good at my job. I some days have to remind myself of this. This job is very stressful. Plus I’m a traveler. I get 2 days of orientation at a new place then I’m expected to function. I get just a few days to pack & move… So do I have stress? A lesser person would run screaming.

You think sometimes with depression, how would things be different if you were never born. I have to nip this thinking in the bud. I know with my job that there are multiple people who are alive today because of me. I remember 6 years ago, I was having an absolutely horrible week. I had just gotten written up because I had so many absences from work that year (something like 6 incidences because of my migraines). I was at McDonalds getting some fries to eat because that’s the only thing besides peanut butter & crackers that I wasn’t throwing up. A lady I didn’t recognize came up to me, told me that I had been her dad’s nurse and told me thank you for caring for him. I don’t remember what I said to her. I’m not even sure I’d recognize her face if I saw her again. But I remember how she made me feel as if I mattered right when I needed it most.

What I accomplished yesterday:

  • I got up in time to go to my drug screen for work.
  • I survived getting there, the clinic being closed, & being patient while my company rerouted me to another clinic for my drug screen.
  • I only cried once.
  • I texted my dad.
  • I managed to level 3 pets during my pet battle dailies. Arctic Fox Kit, Nordrassil Wisp & Amethyst spiderling.
  • I raided Flex with my guild and killed Garrosh for the first time..


Daily Journal: Keeping the brain with depression busy

One of the techniques I used successfully last time I was dealing with a significant depression, was to keep my brain occupied. I love stories. To me it’s not about how the story ends, but the journey you take to get there. I used audiobooks last time to keep my brain busy. This time I’m throwing Netflix and other apps such as Watch ABC into the mix. I normally don’t have the radio turned on when I drive and I noted when dealing with my depression 3 years ago that I would get low and my brain would be the scariest when I was driving. So I started with the Audible subscription I already had and started picking books and listening to them. I’d also leave them on while trying to fall asleep. It worked. I’d think more about the story than what was going on in my life and how I was feeling about it. Distraction. It worked.

Right now I’m watching/reading/listening to:

  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield
  • Flashpoint
  • Bayou Moon book


My Favorite Travel Beauty Essentials inspired by @Birchbox #BBWanderlust

I work as a travel nurse so the Birchbox Wanderlust box has inspired this post. I wanted to list a few of the “travel beauty products” that I enjoyed the most.

  1. GoGearTubes3oz10058435_xGoGear Travel Tubes – While not a “beauty product” exactly I love these to store shampoo, conditioner & shower gel. I’m 20/400 vision without my glasses on, but I know right away by the colors which bottle has my shampoo versus my shower gel. These bottles are made out of silicone so you are able to squeeze out the product without much waste. For facial moisturizer & cleanser I use Sephora’s Deluxe Airless Travel Kit. They just don’t dispense enough for my shampoo/conditioner for my long hair. I have to sit there pumping & pumping the device to get enough shampoo out.
  2. s1452192-main-LheroAmore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Foam – This concentrated cleanser has Vitamin E microcapsules to moisturize while you clean your face. This is a very expensive product, but considering a sample tube in a starter set ($50 for the set) lasted me for 6 months. You barely use any of the product for very good results. I learned about it from a beauty consultant at Sephora.
  3. s1161694-main-heroAmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel – The starter set sample tube of this has lasted me a year, but I swear by this. After this was put on and was washed off by the beauty consultant at Sephora, my friends turned around from looking at the nail polish & asked if she had put foundation on me. This isn’t harsh and calms my skin when it’s irritated and inflamed. I don’t even use it as much as they recommend (was recommended 2–3 times per week), but about 1–4 times a month.
  4. 5042857893Nuance Salma Hayek Facial Cleansing & Toning Towelettes – You can find these at your local CVS Pharmacy. They contain the mild Quillaja Extract cleanser and chamomile extract to soothe the skin. They are easily packaged to throw in a purse or travel bag.
  5. Screenshot_6_16_13_1_03_PMMaybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me – I was recommended this from a sales rep at Ulta as part of my “5 minute face” we were assembling. My friends and I were kinda shocked she recommended a “bargain” line over one of the more premium sales line product. Maybelline did a good job with their Baby Lips line. It’s a lip balm with intense moisture and a light tint of color and some gloss. It comes in multiple colors & it is flavored but it sticks around even with me chewing my lips.
  6. 4in1_porcelainPür Minerals 4-in–1 Mineral Foundation – Another of my “5 minute face” recommendations from the Ulta consultant. She pushed it over the more popular brand name mineral foundation as it contains moisturizer in the formula. It’s also SPF 15 so I don’t have to apply sunscreen as well. The Porcelain color is great for my pale white girl night shift worker skin.

So what items do you have to take with you when you travel???

Birchbox Unboxing: June box Wanderlust

Got this yesterday. The June Birchbox themed Wanderlust. They tried to suggest travel beauty accessories. Tried the dry shampoo. Nicer of any dry shampoos I’ve tried. Loved the Something Blue smell. I wish it came in a roller ball or a purse size so I could purchase it. The nail polish looks pink in this light, but it’s kind orange.

Daily Journal: I have 4 character to level through Panderia

2013 04 05 06 29 46

Shammybook… Now at level 85

 I had to wake up early today they replaced the sliding glass door which had cracked in the heat. Did the DQ thing for food then ran out to Walgreens for my prescription.

Came back and did Pinnacle of Storms LFR on Naturebook. Got a primal egg so I’m hoping for a mount I haven’t gotten yet. Did a heroic scenario.

Took Holybook with  Ashnew and did the 2 older LFR wings to see if we could get her a new 2 handed weapon. No luck with weapons, but we did get enough other gear for her that we were able to try Last Stand of the Zandalari. Lucky girl got 3 pieces of 502 loot.

Worked on Raiding with Leashes. Managed to get the pet off Gluth in Naxx last night with Book. Got the pet off Razorgore in Blackwing Lair tonight with Holybook (thanks to Takumi & Sombra helping me). And the pet off Prophet Skerem with Holybook. I didn’t have the weapon enchanted to do Vicidious and I didn’t have the dps on Holy (she’s Holy/Prot) to pull off the Twin Emperors.

Managed to get Shammybook up to level 85 & into Panderia. That’s got Bookocurses, Badbook, Hunterbook & Shammybook all that need to be leveled through Pandaland.

Tools of WoW Investigation: Noxxic

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agility, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use.

Noxxic http://www.noxxic.com

A great “beginning” place if I’m picking up a new character or spec & can’t find it on EJ (*cough* warriors *cough*). They cover rotation priority, stats, glyphs, etc.  Great place for starting, but not somewhere I’d go to pick up tips on raid healing vs. tank healing.

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Paladins

Dear Paladins, I’m jealous. I want this. But then again since my paladin alt is currently level 64 it is possible for me to get her leveled & into the LFR to get at least the beginner Tier 13. You get wings made of plate metal with pretty gems inlaid in. They wings could have been smaller, but overall they still work.

Guess what guys, NO SKIRT! I always think it’s weird to see a skirt in mêlée. Druids get a pass since if you’re in mêlée usually you’re in kitty or bear form (Let’s put a skirt on a bear!…. On second thought let’s not). But ret & prot pallys in skirts make me want to say “Get in the back & heal.”

The ladies are showing the bare midriff. While for art work it looks gorgeous. But you know stomach wounds are nasty….

Also they slightly changed the chest artwork for the ladies to have the horns encircle the breasts. While October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month (SAVE THE BOOBIES!), this is a little disconcerting in the way they are designed. I’m a little weirded out by them.

I saw some people comment on the boots looking like the backs were made of leather. My response? More comfort. Do you really want to be walking around in metal boots all day? Just slap some plate segments on the important parts & walk around in some very comfortable leather! (this ad is brought to you by the Leather is Better Rogue department)

MRI scanning

Modern high field clinical MRI scanner. (3T Ac...
Image via Wikipedia

Top Ten Signs You’ve Been [MRI] Scanning Too Much

7. You have developed a rapid ritual for checking your body for metal that resembles the macarena.

I laughed so hard when I read this list. When I was on day shift for 3 months I had to travel to MRI frequently. And yes I have done this. And yes it does look like the macarena.

How often did I go to MRI? It got to be so often that if the department ordered pizza they would offer me a slice.