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[Review] iPhone apps: Last.FM

In Tech on August 27, 2008 at 1:34 pm

Website: http://www.last.fm
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: Free
Uses: 3G Network

photo.jpgThis is an internet radio app similar to Pandora [2], but with a few different approaches. It accesses your Last.FM profile [tatianamik]. You can pick radio stations based on your library, your friend’s listens, or recommendations for you. It also keeps your most recently listened to stations handy. If you simply just want similar artists it will handle that as well as artists that have been tagged. You can access your Top Artist, Albums & Tracks charts. When you are listening to radio you can look up the artist’s bio, similar artists, upcoming events & more. You can also share with someone in your contacts or among Last.FM friends. It also had the ever convenient Buy on iTunes button.

If you want to use the My Library function you probably want to be using the desktop version with your iTunes. It’s free from the website.

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[Review] iPhone app: Pandora Radio

In Tech on August 6, 2008 at 11:41 am

Website: www.pandora.com
iPhone site: N/A
App Store link: [1]
Cost: Free
Uses: 3G connection or Wifi

photo.jpgPandora internet radio is a beloved thing around the blogosphere. It’s streaming internet radio that has analyzed music and then presents them in your stream by similar elements. You can select a channel according to artist or song and then it will stream you similar music. You can “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” if the song belongs on the station or not. The thing I hate is I cannot bring myself to “thumbs down” a song that does belong on a channel, but I don’t like.  I’ve found several new songs and artists I like through Pandora.

I’ve also found that I can get the program to play in my car while traveling so I have my own personalized radio station completely commercial free.



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