Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.


I enjoy having multiple characters to play. I tend to have my main main which is my rogue (1st character I ever created) and that doesn’t change. My 2nd main has changed every expansion. I tend to have an alt that I work on to the point that it is almost as geared as my main. She’s the one I turn to when I’ve “finished” with what Book can do for the week. Also I enjoy being able to fill a different role such as healer or tank if needed. Many people know they can whisper me & I will have a decently geared alt I can bring to a run.

In Wrath it was my DK. She was the easiest to level. Ulduar was out before my main hit 80. Yes, I was a Wrath Baby. I used to sub in my DK for the ICC bosses that I needed nothing for my rogue on in the guild that I was in. My warlock also got to level 80 & saw some action in ICC, but it was usually my DK I turned to first if I couldn’t take my main. Actually the funny thing was my DK ended up getting Kingslayer because my rogue was locked to another 25 man instance. My rogue never got Kingslayer until she was 85. Also my DK ended up with the shirt from Precious. Normally, I just rolled greed if any main wanted anything because she was an alt, she just took the leftovers. But there was this one rogue in my guild I didn’t like. He came back near the end of the expansion and wanted to main a rogue instead of leveling his level 70 warlock. So the guild leaders (friends of his) power leveled & power geared him by running older stuff. Yes, I was jealous I had to suffer through pick up groups and work and get geared up by myself and earn my raid spot (some begging may have also been involved) and it seemed to me he just waltzed in and was grabbing up all my gear. Also didn’t help that the other 2 active rogues in my guild didn’t care for him either. Anyway, back to Precious’s shirt. When it dropped I was on my DK and I saw Disliked Rogue rolling need on it I didn’t want him to have it. So I rolled need and won! She’s been wearing that shirt ever since.
Cataclysm saw my second main being my Druid. I had changed guilds. In my new guild I was running in the “alt” run with my rogue. But this left me Monday thru Thursday with nothing to do. So I sort of started running Firelands with my previous guild. The guild leader liked the buffs the Moonkin brought so I found it easier to gear her than my DK or warlock (warlock then was mediocre dps . When my main got asked to apply for the main run which was the same days as the guild I was running with druid, I presented the alts I had available for the alt run and my druid was chosen to replace my rogue in the alt run. So needless to say she was my second alt through most of Cataclysm. She did quite a lot in Cata as she was almost fully heroic geared by the end of Cata and had downed everything on heroic except Spine & Madness of Deathwing.
For Mists of Pandaria, I changed guilds about halfway through the expansion with my main.  I again let my alt run leader pick (different leader). I had my druid, paladin, and priest within about a 2-3 item level range. And since we didn’t have any plate she picked my Holy Paladin. Also it allowed her some versatility as she is a primarily a healer and secondarily a tank so one of those 2 hard to fill roles get covered.
So the DK is now an alt, the druid is now an alt. Along with the warlock (who has been stuck as an alt despite being my 3rd at max level).

WoW Fashionista: Tier 16

I ran late with the Tier 15 fashionista review. But this one shall be semi-sorta on time! First off the Layout of the images I took from WoWHead’s model viewer The Left one is Raid Finder mode. The middle image will be the model used by both Flex Raid mode and Normal mode. The right image will be what you will see from a Heroic raider.

Tier 16 Death Knight – Battleplate of Cyclopen Dread/Plate of Cyclopen Dread
The Cyclopes imagery was an interesting chose to go with this class of death, decay and infestation. Overall I like the look but it doesn’t scream “Death Knight” to me. Instead I kinda feel like “generic plate class.” My DK has hit 90, but I haven’t started gearing her. The helm has the skeleton key slot that seems to be in several different tier pieces this Tier.
Tier 16 Druid – Armor of the Shattered Vale/Regalia of the Shattered Vale/Battlegear of the Shattered Vale/Vestments of the Shattered Vale
I MUST find a Flex raid or normal for my druid this tier. I’m dearly wanting this tier for her. I may have to go to to see if I can find her groups. Most druid tiers leave me unimpressed, but this one I’m in love with. I’m less impressed with the LFR version. There heroic version is kinda my middle of the two.
Tier 16 Hunter – Battlegear of the Unblinking Vigil
As with most hunter gear I haven’t had strong feelings with this set. It’s still missing shoulders in these images so that could possibly make or break this set for me. The helm is interesting, but I would hide it. My hunter is level 89 and I’ve been unexcited about most of the MoP sets. Hunters seem to have the key upside down in the chest in this set.
Tier 16 Mage – Chronomancer Regalia
Here I’m really enjoying the Heroic mode style with the gold. Followed by the simple silver and blue of the LFR version. The key is upside down in their belt.
Tier 16 Monk – Armor of the Seven Sacred Seals/Battlegear of the Seven Sacred Seals/Vestments of the Seven Sacred Seals
I’m in love!!! The hard part is picking a color. I’ve been wanting to put monks in a dress since the start of MoP. I am leveling my monk solely to get this set. If I had to pick I THINK the white is my favorite, but I also adore the Blue & Red. The key seems to be both on chest & the belt. (and what may be my chances to get this as transmog for my rogue???)
Tier 16 Paladin – Battlegear of Winged Triump/Plate of Winged Triumph/Vestments of Winged Triumph
Again I need to find a Flex raid for my Paladin. With this many alts I’m going to have to start forming my own raid to cover them all. It’s a very close call for the LFR version vs. the Flex/Normal version. And the Heroic looks really good too. Helm will be hidden however.
Tier 16 Priest – Vestments of Ternion Glory/Regalia of Ternion Glory
I LOVE the heroic version. Though I’m less fond of the shoulders. However I doubt my priestess will see this set before the next expansion. The key is in the belt here.
Tier 16 Rogue – Barbed Assassin Battlegear
This is my favorite recent rogue set. The helm is even something I might show! I’m so happy for my main. I like the gold one in the middle the best & any heroic gear I end up with will probably end up transmogrified back to the normal/flex pieces.
Tier 16 Shaman – Celestial Harmony Battlegear/Celestial Harmony Regalia/Celestial Harmony Vestment
I really like the flex/normal set here. My shaman is only 87, but I may have to level her to get it. LFR and heroic are pretty sweet as well.
Tier 16 Warlock – Regalia of the Horned Nightmare
I’m usually not a big fan of the Warlock tier and this one is no exception, but I’m kinda surprised at how plain this is compared to the other tiers. My lock may pick up the LFR in her spare time.
Tier 16 Warrior – Battleplate of the Prehistoric Marauder/Plate of the Prehistoric Marauder
I’ve loved the warrior set this expansion except for this one. My warrior’s only level 53 and may stay there. Though I find the Paw like feet on the boots quite interesting. The belt again seems to be a key.

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20130227-095003.jpg Book my main. I’ve been exhausted & working a lot lately. I sat during my guild’s kill of Wind Lord (who should have been the Blade Lord), Amber Shaper (though I did get in on a glass night), & Empress.

20130227-095327.jpg I was feeling ok and was chosen to go to Terrace for our first night in there. Now I’d heard that Terrace wasn’t nearly as bad as Heart of Fear. I believe it. We waltzed right in & after a few learning pulls on each boss we downed 3 new ones in 1 night.

Overall I think Blizzard did a poor job this expansion of layout. Stone Guard was a tough first boss. Heart of Fear had too many “road block” bosses too close together (my opinion anyway). I learned to despise that instance. Will of the Emperor is just annoying as crap.

My guild has been plagued with lack of consistent tanking this entire expansion. And we can’t seem to recruit on our server (everyone seems to have this issue not just us). So if you’re looking for a guild. Though we had a healer swap to tanking role. We could even use a few more healers as we’re losing 1 to a baby birth in a few weeks.

Tools of Wow Investigation: Shadowcraft

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agilty, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use.


Rogue only dps simulator. Put in your rogue’s name, gear’s pulled up, enter buffs/debuffs & presto. Your therortical dps.

WoW Fashionista: Rogue Tier review

My likes

Rogue Tier 2Probably the most iconic of the rogue tiers is actually Tier 2 Bloodfang out of Blackwing Lair. The rogue in Craft of War BLIND wore it. It got recolored blue for Outlands dungeons.







Rogue Tier 5Tier 5 Deathmantle is seen more with the goblin rogue gracing the cataclysm loading screens wearing it. You definitely don’t want to turn around & see this behind you in a dark ally.







Rogue Tier 7Tier 7/7.5 Bonescythe holds a special place in my heart. At level  57 (I was a Wrath Baby and this was right before Ulduar came out) a friend said for me to take a look at level 60 tier gear find something you like & I’ll run you through for XP & a chance to get some gear. So I found Wowpedia & looked at the level 60 gear & wanted the Tier 3 which research quickly showed me was no longer available. Tier 7.5 was also my first tier when I hit 80.






Rogue Tier 9 AllianceTier 9 Alliance was my first “current” tier set. While 7.5 was my first tier set, it was right after Tier 8/8.5 was released. Tier 9 was the first I got while it was current. I love the scrolling work. I did dislike the helm, but turn off display helm & I loved the look. I also like that whether 10man, heroic10man/normal25man or heroic25man it all looked the same. You could have the 10man boots with the 25man chest & it all matched.






My hates

Rogue Tier 2.5Tier 2.5 Deathdealer’s – Ok I’m pretty sure then entire AQ tier is going to be on my hate list for each class. The bug carapace is just ugly. Bonus points for sticking with a theme even if they couldn’t make it pretty.







Rogue Tier 4Tier 4 Netherblade – very Owlish. Are we Nite Owl from the Watchmen???








Rogue Tier 8Tier 8/8.5 – The start of some truly ugly helms. I am not a Sontaran.








Rogue Tier 10Tier 10/10.5 – This is probably the first set I was paying attention to for the previews. I looked at it & just hated it. I think I said “I AM NOT a Leaper!”






My Meh’s

Rogue Tier 1Tier 1 Nightslayer – while I don’t like the shoulders. The rest is okay. Soupbowl shoulders anyone? Just flip them over & it’s meal time.








Rogue Tier 6Tier 6 Slayers – A solid design, but one that doesn’t set off my OMG WANT!!!! factor. And the helm? They made it cloth & gave it to the Zul’Aman dps cloth helm.







Rogue Tier 9 HordeTier 9 Horde – A nice design but not one I ultimately loved or hated. Just sorta meh it’s there.








Rogue Tier 11Tier 11 – Not one in which I was attracted. They did a nice job with the djinn look. The chest looked like a corset. The overall look was one I neither hated nor loved.







Rogue Tier 11-12HeroicTier 12 – Again not one I hated, but not anything I was excited about.

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Mages

This is one of my top 3 of the Tier 13 sets. Mage, Paladin & Priest won me for Tier 13. The mages were the first one that I saw that I said “I WANT!” One day some fully tiered mage is going to be sapped & I’m going to walk away with those robes… & the shoulders & the helm & the gloves…. I might be nice & leave him his pants…. Nah! Who am I kidding those would be gone as well. With a name like Timelord I want a blue police box to go along with it.

Look at that lovely quilting. Looks like they let the kindergartner sew up the side on this one, but they kept the thread close to the same color, but just the sides you have the lovely quilting to distract you.  I found a mistake on the female model you can see the bra on the base skin in the cleavage opening & it’s even worse in the back. Bad form there.

I love the techno goggles helm. There is an issue with the seam where the helm & the chest meets in the back, but overall I think they tried to make it seem as the helm & chest piece were a single piece if you can ignore that line that just a little off..

Those Cogwheels on those shoulders move! I guess you guys can tell my main’s an engineer and a gnomish one at that.

The reddish top one is my favorite, but I love all the color schemes.

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Rogues

As my personal main being a rogue I’ll start here. I’ve been very vocal about the Kindergarten seamstress work. If you zoom in there are leather creases which I’m cool with & leather is a hard one it seems to me for people to replicate the texture of leather. I like that it looks like leather, but I don’t like seeing the seams.

The lower one is what I’m calling the red version. It was what was previewed on the official Blizzard site. I dislike this one with a passion. The seams assault my eyes. It also seems too…. bright. We’re a stealth class. The poison green shoulders are… interesting. Are we going for Christmas colors here?

The middle one (aka the green version) is kinda grown on me. It’s a bit of a bright green. The main thing that I think of with rogues that are green are the poisons. The leather doesn’t look quite so much like real leather with the green set, but the grey stitching doesn’t assault my eyes quite so much. The gold glow of the shoulders seem to work with the green much better than the red version.

The blue version (the one on top) is the one I’m partial too. It still suffers from the horrible stitching. As with the green it’s a little bit of a bright color & the leather doesn’t look like real leather as much as the red version, but put all together it’s still my favorite. I almost expect blue shoulders to breath frost bolts out on occasion.

I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a black version, but with what we’ve learned about the legendary daggers I think that might have been skirting DC comic’s intellectual property a little too much. I was thinking maybe a navy, but we didn’t really get any dark tones for rogues this tier.

Rogue’s Gallery Update

I’m feeling an urge to do my periodic update on Book & the Library of Books…. So to reference the old posts.

World of Warcraft

Book‘s 85, Assassination. She’s mostly in Firelands gear for the visible gear except for the shoulders. Just saw the Tier 13 designs. Hated it. Being the only rogue in my 10 man team I’ll be stuck with the heirloom daggers.

World of Warcraft

TatianaSeray is 33 still. Protection. Her heirlooms are currently on Holy though.

World of Warcraft

Bookocurses is 85 & sadly lacking gear. She’s eligible for Zul’s but that’s about it (i355). She gets kicked from groups there for her low dps so I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. Her gear is supposedly Tier 11 Heroic capable. She’s Demonology/Affliction. Destro just seemed too weird this expansion.

World of Warcraft

Bankbook. permanently level 4 it seems. But she’s a hard worker at that auction house.

World of Warcraft

Booktrey is level 62, Protection. In a phase where lowbie tanking was very difficult I swore off tanking, she’s a questing only toon, but she’s protection. That shield? Oh yeah like 185 honor. Won an AV & got enough honor for it in 1 game.

World of Warcraft

Shepardbook is 65 now. Discipline/Shadow. I gave up the 10% xp for the BOA archeology chest since it has a TON of intellect. Oh & she hasn’t quested other than dungeon quests since she was 15.

World of Warcraft

Naturebook is 85, Boomkin/Resto. She’s back in Veritas currently. In a mishmash of gear, but it’s the best I could get my hands on. She’s currently running Firelands. Yes & those are PvP shoulders because this season’s PvP shoulders were better than the Zul’s shoulders & she never could seem to get other shoulders.

World of Warcraft

Badbook is 85. Blood/Unholy.  According to charts her gear is Firelands normal ready, but there’s still a lot of JP gear she could use & I’m not doing hardly any dungeons in on her for VP.

World of Warcraft

Holybook is 60. Protection/Retribution. Dungeons are kinda fun on her tanking again between the threat fixes & the heirloom tanking gear I pulled off Tatiana. Well & she was the first one I pulled the PvP for 185 honor for the shield for. Looks like she won’t really replace it till mid-BC levels. For her it was 2 battlegrounds.

World of Warcraft

Shiftybook is 15. She’s feral, just don’t ever seem to have time for her… Poor thing.

World of Warcraft

Hunterbook is 46. Beastmastery. She’s on my 2nd account. Yes, that is a purple crocolisk she has. It was a rare in Dustwallow.

World of Warcraft

Magebook is 25. Frost. Gets no love either.

World of Warcraft

Shammybook is 27. Elemental. I may take her Ele/Resto in 3 more levels & see how I like resto.