Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek

The new kid on the Alt block., she’s still leveling, but she’s in her 80’s. Shu is Mandarin for Book (at least according to the online translator). So she’s sort of Book Book. I really like the class design philosophy. It’s like Rogue 2.0.


Daily Journal: I need to gem and enchant

Well Book got her gloves out of normal last night when we got Gen. Nazgrim. Now I’ve got to gem and enchant those. That gets rid of the last of her LFR tier pieces. The helm is still Flex. But hey, guild got 3 new bosses last night on normal on one night. Malkorok on normal is a doozy. Considering we’ve had difficulty getting 25 people together doing it twice in the same week is awesome. So is getting 6 new bosses down in that same week.

I think I have Holybook’s healing set gemmed & enchanted, but I’ll have to check. I know Shepardbook isn’t gemmed, but I enchanted her on Sunday in the middle of the Flex raid I was conned into.

Got a bit of the Pet Battle book written and typed up.

Yesterday I felt accomplished just mailing out the maple syrup I’ve been sitting on for a month and the old iPad (it should arrive Thursday).

Daily Journal: The slacker returns

Barren Trees

Barren Trees (Photo credit: Bernzilla)


Been slacking on my daily journaling again although I’ve started playing more with photography and instagram. Working slightly on another WoW Fashionista post… Reviewing the history of Tier designs. Played with RL friends today… Basically did the Barrens quests on the alts.


Hunterbook has 18 days left on her Leatherworking patterns cool down.


Shammybook has 43 more glyphs to learn.


Birchbox Unboxing: June box Wanderlust

Got this yesterday. The June Birchbox themed Wanderlust. They tried to suggest travel beauty accessories. Tried the dry shampoo. Nicer of any dry shampoos I’ve tried. Loved the Something Blue smell. I wish it came in a roller ball or a purse size so I could purchase it. The nail polish looks pink in this light, but it’s kind orange.

Daily Journal:

Still no Porcuette or Darkmoon Eye from the bags today. Did 2nd, 3rd, & 4th LFR for Book plus did the battleground Barrens quest line (hey 200 VP). Bunch of Scenarios & the back 3 LFRs. Got another Mini Mindslayer so it will be on the Earthen Ring Alliance auction House soon. No luck in Karazan. Book got Wizard of Oz. Serpentshrine Caverns got her a Tideskipper. No luck in Tempest Keep either.


Daily Journal: Patch 5.3 launches & I have to work

Patch 5.3 hits today. I’ve already updated DBM, WIM, Tidy Plates, GTFO, BattlePetCount, CLCDK, WeakAuras, PetJournal Enhanced, Decursive & Symbiosis.

Shammybook – Minor Inscription Research learned nothing. Scroll of Wisdom learned Glyph of Hemorrhage.  Got to remember I’m done with Minor research.

Hunterbook – Magnificence of Leather learned Ironskin Spaulders.

Book – Got roped into a heroic scenario with Book by Tini. Got Tidesplitter Shoulders of the Zephyr. Will try to see if I can get a group for the new stuff tomorrow after I get up.


Done today

updated my add ons, SexyMap, BattlePetCount & TradeSkillMaster_Crafting.

Shammybook – inscription research. Glyph of Chaining

Hunterbook – leather working research. Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Ironskin Gloves. Some AH checking.

Shubook – daily monk quest. AH posting of previous mined ore.

Shepardbook – queued for Pinnacle of Storms LFR. Tabbed out & missed the first queue pop. Queued up again, but went to kill a rare on Isle of Thunder and joined a mage to kill it cause I forgot I was queued until we had the guy dead. >.< Then sat in Queue for 28 minutes without a pop… Got my farming done. Planted more Songbell Seeds.  After about 20 min on 2nd try got a pop. Got nothing but Gold even with lucky coin rolls. Did Terrace of Endless Spring. Got Watersoul Signet, Belt of Embodied Terror, & the tier token for my headpiece.

Guy came from Chesapeake Gas to fix my gas for my heat.


Missing Macros Found

My friend found my macros cached on his computer! So I now have my Macros back :D I’ll share a few rogue ones… Plus if I loose them again they are here. Triple click to highlight and copy.

1. Fan of Knives. Since I spam this as my AoE combo point builder it’s nice to have an autoattack targert/combo point victim. This makes sure I have an enemy targeted.

#show Fan of Knives
/cast Fan of Knives

2. Fishing macro. This was written by my college roommate, Bluemoon. The challenge was 1 button (though it may need to be pushed multiple times) to equip fishing specific gear and apply a lure and cast.

/use Sharpened Fish Hook;
/use Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole;
/equip [noequipped:Fishing Poles,nomodifier:alt] Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole;
/equip Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
/cast [equipped:Fishing Poles, nomodifier:alt]Fishing;

3. Tricks of the Trade macro with all the names. Got this from a fellow guildmate, Miltrath back in Cataclysm when all rogue tier sets had Tricks of the Trade set bonuses and we were trading Tricks amoungst 4 rogues. If I hold down ALT it casts Tricks on the target of my target. If I just hit it normally it goes through the priority list of the raid team members.

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/use [mod:alt,@targettarget][@Jibjob,exists,nodead][@Miltrath,exists,nodead][@Rinwen,exists,nodead][@Nostrous,exists,nodead][@Scornakira,exists,nodead][@Skriv,exists,nodead][@targettarget] Tricks of the Trade

4. Out of Date Poison macro. This one’s out of date, but I may need to reference it for something later. Basically it was Right click to apply 1 poison on mainhand weapon and Left click to apply the other poison on offhand weapon. MoP changes to poisons rendered this obsolete.

/use [btn:2][mod]Deadly Poison;Instant Poison
/use [btn:2][mod]17;16

5. Tricks of the Trade for focus target

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [target=focus,help] Tricks of the Trade

6. Quest macro for the Argent Tournament frog kissing quest

/tar Lake Frog
/use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm

7. Dragon Soul Twilight Sapper macro for Death Knight. This was a macro I found & abused to yank the adds around on the gunship. Was very useful when I was tanking this fight.

/tar Twilight Sapper
/cast [@focus,exists] Death Grip
/cast [@focus,exists] Chains of Ice

8. Extra Action Button if you can’t see or you want to keybind your Extra Action Button.

/click ExtraActionButton1

9. Cooking with Fire another from Bluemoon. Right click to create a campfire. Left click to open your cooking.

#showtooltip Cooking
/use [button:1] Cooking
/cast [button:2] Basic Campfire

10. Awesome Questing Macro this is from Adam found via WoW Insider

/target [@mouseover]
/click WatchFrameItem1
/click WatchFrameItem2
/click WatchFrameItem3
/click WatchFrameItem4
/click WatchFrameItem5
/click WatchFrameItem6

11. A Mount for below level 20 Mount up on your Sea Turtle for characters under level 20

/cast sea turtle

12. Have I done Sha of Anger this week? click for the answer. from a former guildmate, Abitomagic

/run local z,t,s={[32099]='Sha of Anger this week.'},GetQuestsCompleted();for c,v in pairs(z) do if t[c] then s='' else s=' not' end print('You have'..s,'done',v) end

13. Sell all your grey items. Another one from Bluemoon.

/run local c,i,n,v=0;for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b)do i={GetContainerItemInfo(b,s)}n=i[7]if n and string.find(n,"9d9d9d")then v={GetItemInfo(n)}q=i[2]c=c+v[11]*q;UseContainerItem(b,s)print(n,q)end;end;end;print(GetCoinText(c))

14. Get Kraken quest macro. Another one I have left over from Northrend. This made this bombing run so easy. I just had to spam this macro.

/target Kvaldir deepcaller
/target North Sea Kraken
/use Flaming Spears

15. Stock mouseover healing macro. I heal alot on 3 different level 90 toons. Most of their spells look like

/cast [@mouseover] Healing Touch

16. Druid Survival Macro. Used to try this for survival in Cata.

/cast Bear Form
/cast Frenzied Regeneration
/cast barkskin

17. Shield Trinket Macro. Use this to apply shield to my focus target.

/target focus
/use Stolen Relic of Zuldazar

18. Assist Focus. aquire target of your focused friendly player.

/assist focus

19. Target & place raid marker

/tar Wild Turkey
/script if (charm == nil) or (charm < 6) then charm=9; end; charm=charm-1; if (charm==6) then SetRaidTarget("target", 0) else SetRaidTarget("target", charm); end


MoP Fashionista: the basics of Mail & Plate


Mail sets

These are listed as reputation sets for some reason.


My favorite is the red coloration.




The yellow one looks really nice as well. No idea yet which will be the Int mail and which will be the Agi mail.

Plate sets

I’ve got one plate wearer at 85 & another at 82. For Set 1 I’m really liking the gold look, very bright & shiney. Not sure that it will work for my DK, but possibly awesome on my paladin. But overall I enjoy this set.




Set 2 I’m still deciding on. Much more sinister looking.





I enjoy the green & red, but the purple looks like it works very well for a DK.

References: Wowhead News