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In Nursing, Tech on March 12, 2011 at 11:45 am
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How do I use Evernote as a travel nurse? As a travel nurse I can change jobs & move as often as every 8 weeks depending on the contracts type. When interviewing with new locations with a new contract I speak to many people. I usually open a new note & make notes with who I spoke with, details of the conversation, target dates for contract start, & any details I need to know about my work location such as number of beds on the unit, dress code, etc. I forward emails from my recruiter to Evernote to store additional details about the assignment.

I store both blank & completed forms for items such as Mileage Reimbursement & Timesheets & more. I will pull up the form I need from Evernote, print it, complete the form, then I scan the completed form into the computer to email it back to my company for reimbursement.

Prior to moving to a new location, I research it on the internet. I clip information about locations I want to visit & locations I need (such as the local shopping mall or veterinarian) into Evernote. I also try to reduce the amount of unnecessary items that I have to bring along during a move so user manuals such as that for my camera or my microwave, I locate the online PDF of the manual & store it in Evernote.

I occasionally run into larger ticket item purchases I consider such as a new travel printer. I take a photo of it & the tag with model number and price with my iPhone camera straight into Evernote.

Once I’m at a new hospital to start work often parking needs my license plate number. I just pull up my photo of my license plate in Evernote.

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I also travel with my 2 cats. My older kitty has medical problems and has to visit the veterinarian regularly. With us being in different locations he often has to see different veterinarians. I keep his medical records scanned into Evernote & can locate his past medical information for his newest medical provider. I also keep previous provider’s business cards scanned in for quick access. (Note: While it has really good security, Evernote isn’t secured to HIPPA standards for human medical records, but the law doesn’t require the same security for pet medical records.)


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