Harry’s Farmer’s Market

Thursday, Lethann & I went to Harry’s Farmers Market in Marietta, GA. Okay this is where Alton Brown goes to the grocery store in GoodEats when they are filming. I like that they’ve got a good selection of organic produce and also they have Local grown items marked. I believe that eating local grown foods cuts down on the number of allergies people have to pollen and local plants. When you look at how much of the produce we eat is grown in California we probably wouldn’t have allergies if we ever went to California. But I finally got used to the pollen in Cookeville and then I move to Georgia. First off I get a sinus infection and now I cough up yellow stuff every morning. More local stuff and I’d probably quit it.

I’ve got a few photos from the trip.
Lethann getting fresh peanut butter at Harrys
Lethann making Peanut Butter. I ended up getting Cashew Butter. They also have Chocolate Peanut Butter.
Hobgoblin beer
They have a good beer and wine selection. I was amused by the Hobgoblin label.
I was also amused by the Drunken Goat Cheese.
CIA Inc.
I saw this license plate on the way in. I read it as “CIA, Inc.”

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