Upon Entering WoW

World of Warcraft
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Usually when I start something I jump in with both feet, this has held true with World of Warcraft as well. I started less than a month ago and I already have a character up to level 23. I have friends trying not to overwhelm me with everything, but they occasionally do. (They have been in since WoW was in Beta.)

But I get lots of help. One of my friends gave me gold to start out with. That allowed me to pay for training without worrying about the cost of training. Also someone from my guild sent me lots of Linen, Wool, Silk, Mageweave & Runecloth as well as the Books to scale up on bandage making. My first aid went from Journeyman to Expert and beyond with just these materials. Plus I learned Silk Bandages and Heavy Silk Bandages from the Books I was went.

Random people walk by and cast fortitude on me.

I picked a Human Rogue to begin with and luckily I was able to snag the name Book. Everyone asks me how I got the name on the crowded Earthen Ring server. I just tried it and got it. I was lucky.

I picked Rogue because I was told it was an easier one to level up. I basically want to be high enough leveled to play with my friends.

I may journal some about my experiences leveling and getting through on up in WoW. Maybe I’ll show off some of the places I have found.

So if you’re not interested in World of Warcraft be prepared to be bored until this obsession passes and I move on to another one.


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