Book’s Quest Log

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  • Timbermaw Ally (yellow) – Kill bunch of things & return
  • Forces of Jaedenar (yellow) – Kill bunch of things & return
  • The Corruption of the Jadefire (orange) – Kill bunch of things & return
  • Verifying the Corruption (orange) – Explore certain area, Kill bunch of things & return
  • Cleansing Felwood (red) – Collect Blood Amber


  • A Call to Arms: The Plaugelands! (yellow) – report to Commandar Ashlam Valorfist at Chillwind Camp. I have the flight path so this should be fairly easy.
  • A Little Slime Goes a Long Way (yellow, complete) – just need to turn in in Ironforge, plus gives 350 Rep for the Gnomes
  • Arcane Runes (yellow) – Done in Azshara


  • Shadowshard Fragments (green, dungeon)
  • Twisted Evils (green, dungeon)
  • Vyletongue Corruption (green, dungeon)
  • The Pariah’s Instructions (yellow, dungeon)
  • Corruption of Earth & Seed (yellow, dungeon)


  • A Simple Request (yellow) – have to go to Ravenholdt Manor & speak to someone.

Stormwind City

  • Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm (yellow) – go to Darnassus & speak to someone

Sunken Temple

  • The God Hakkar (orange, dungeon)

The Hinterlands

  • Skulk Rock Clean-up (yellow) – I’ve gotten 7/10 of the Green Sludge oozes & 6/10 of the Jade Ooze killed. Just need to finish it up.
  • The Altar of Zul (yellow) – just got to run into an area & return

Again my goals:

  • Collect lots of pets
  • Get Ambassador title. Already exalted with Ironforge, Stormwind & Darnassus. Still need Gnomes (17,177/21,000) & Exodar (11,209/21,000).
  • Loremaster title (it will be a while yet, but I’m 446/700 for the Eastern Kingdom & for 230/700 Kalimdor)
  • Level 80 (now at 50!)
  • Explorer title (it will still be a while yet)
  • Grand Master in professions (Master skinner already, Master Herbalist, Artisan First Aid, Expert Artisan Fisherman, Expert Artisan Cooking)

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