Official Google Blog: Google Voice invites on their way

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Image by adria.richards via Flickr

Official Google Blog: Google Voice invites on their way

I have been using GrandCentral (now Google Voice) for over a year now. L has been on the invite list for about a year and she just got her invite. It does have a mobile app. And this is an application that still could use some serious upgrades. But it is invaluable to me as a traveler. Right now I have several recruiters over about 6 companies.  Some of them get annoying & pushy. That’s when they get put on voicemail only for a little while. That’s right. I don’t even know they called until I get a voicemail alert. It’s handy. Plus if I have a second home phone. I can make it ring that only and not use up my mobile minutes. Or I can get a new phone number. And not have to tell anyone. I can have a different answering messages for my friends than I do business contacts. That “Whazzzzup chicas?” is great for your friends, but you don’t want an employeer or a coworker to get the wrong impression. Plus if you work in an office it can ring your office phone. Video kinda explains some of the features.

I have written about them before so I’ll just link to the previous posts.




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