From Twitter 07-11-2009

  • 00:02:30: Switched Book over to Engineering. #WoW
  • 01:39:18: @ottom Thanks. Right now I need Copper Bars
  • 10:03:26: @ottom Thank you. That should last me a while.
  • 10:06:38: I spent a lot of gold in #WoW to buy Titansteel for a Dagger. Luckily I was able to sell off the excess and recoup some gold.
  • 10:31:05: @ottom Sorry I had forgotten you were a miner as well as @lethann. It was just I thought about getting @quutar mats to make dagger at 3a.
  • 10:57:30: @ottom Nope. No plans.
  • 11:12:24: RT: Here’s what’s REALLY going on in our health care debate: Please RT. IMPORTANT (via @Wyldfire42)
  • 11:15:50: Blog: From my childhood:
    I was raised south of Nashville, TN so I got a lot of country music & old 60&..
  • 12:35:56: Boo has declared. I haz a flavor. He’s licking me.
  • 12:38:14: @devlynmoreland No probably the ham sandwich I ate.
  • 16:27:19: 20 Gold repair bill. Yeow. But I got a Chest piece and a dagger.
  • 16:36:21: Funniest thing was I got the dagger with a roll of 1. According to the rules I had already gotten the chest piece so I had to roll 1.
  • 19:18:51: @demonasolace sounds like bad wiring.
  • 19:38:38: My visa wasn’t in my purse. Oops. I hope it is in my phone case at home.

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