State of the Book

I had money while leveling Book. I sold drops on the auction house and never really wanted for anything. Then about level 72 I wanted Artisan flying. Cost 5,000 gold. Someone loaned me 3,000 gold to get it. I finally got him paid off around Level 78, but I also had to train Cold Weather Flying. Lethann told me I’d hit 80 and be so broke. She’s right. I was able to save up leather as a skinner and buy a few things off the auction house and Laura made me the full Eviscerator’s Battlegear set. Then I had to get Quutar the materials to make me a dagger.

Titansteel Shanker - Item - World of Warcraft
Then I did Naxx on Saturday (ok, it was just the Military Quarter of it, but it was my first Raid and it was a 25 man). First Gluth dropped a
Breastplate of the Lost Vanquisher - Item - World of Warcraft

that I won the roll on. I turned it in for my set piece once I was back in Dalaran.
Valorous Bonescythe Breastplate - Item - World of Warcraft

Notice the sockets? I’ll get back to those later. But before I even went back to Dalaran we did Kel’Thuzad and he dropped a nice dagger.
Sinister Revenge - Item - World of Warcraft

Now because of the loot rules I had already won the Breastplate token so I had to roll a 1 for it. I did. And I think everyone took pity on the noob and didn’t roll so it went to me. Kel’Thuzad also dropped a nice cloak which I got to roll regular on since I’d won the Dagger with the 1 I was required to roll. It was the Drape of the Deadly Foe.
Drape of the Deadly Foe - Item - World of Warcraft

So overall I got some pretty good loot and everything I wanted except the cloak. Got some Badges. I went to Dalaran and got the chest piece. So I got Laura the materials to make me

Ice Striker's Cloak - Item - World of Warcraft

While I was there in Dalaran after Laura game me the cloak, the raid leader whispered me and he was asking about how long I had been playing and when I hit 80. I’d hit level 80 on 7/1/09, this was 7/11/09 so 10 days after turning 80. He helped me out a lot. He gave me gems to socket in the Chestpiece. He showed me how to socket them (Didn’t know the Shift + Right Click trick).

Emerald Choker - Item - World of WarcraftRing of Scarlet Shadows - Item - World of WarcraftDream Signet - Item - World of Warcraft

The Dream Signet had an “of the Marksman” enchant which was Agility & Stamina & Hit. The funny thing is with resilence on my neckpiece and armor I’m actually ok toward PvP geared. And he also gave me items that I need to grind rep for. One of them is a Wintergrasp reward. I’ve got to endure my way through 25 Wintergrasp battles in order to get it.

Titan-forged Rune of Accuracy - Item - World of Warcraft

Another thing I have to get is from teh Argent Tournament. It’s a Dagger to replace the one Quutar made me.

Dagger of the Rising Moon - Item - World of Warcraft


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