From Twitter 07-26-2009

  • 14:58:26: @erroch I agree. Probably got some psychologist to analyze what would bring in more money. So they had to make changes n makin parents spend
  • 15:03:29: @erroch That’s true. Between XBox & Wii you get a really good gaming experience without leaving the house.
  • 15:05:15: Just caught Boo peeing on the carpet. I did the oldfashioned stick his nose in it and smack him cause I was so mad.
  • 15:13:01: @erroch Very True.
  • 16:43:59: Anybody want to do food before I hard out for the evening.
  • 16:48:44: Head.
  • 16:52:41: Ok. I am going to eat at Chickfilet on Chastain if anyone wants to join me.
  • 17:06:27: *Facepalm* chikfilet is closed on Sundays.
  • 19:29:10: In Chatt. Kinda tired.
  • 20:28:58: It’s amazing how much organizational work I can get done if I’ll leave my house.
  • 23:44:43: @Amelia_Book LOL. I’ll have to see that one.

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