FCC Takes On Apple And AT&T Over Google Voice Rejection

FCC Takes On Apple And AT&T Over Google Voice Rejection

Ok. I have been vaguely following this the past few days. I’m kinda consumerably involved because

  1. I have an iPhone
  2. I use Google Voice

Now what I don’t understand is why AT&T would have a problem with this because

  1. The calls come in & out over AT&T system (not as VoIP). Might be different if AT&T had free incoming calls, but they charge your minute allowance for both incoming & outgoing calls. (Yes, this may be different in the case of international calls, but I don’t make international calls so I lack a working knowlege of this functionality.)
  2. You still get charged for the incoming text messages. I usually reply to them through the same way as I received them so AT&T gets their charges in that way too.

So why not call a number and have it bouncing to another number? Of course I use Google Voice primarily as a individual call blocking service so I may be a bit different user than they have in mind for their target demographic. But still, I’m still paying my AT&T bill & paid for the iPhone, let me use it with the services I want. Apple PUT IT BACK!


One comment

  1. If they offered a friends and family, mycircle, myfaves, or pick 3 feature then it would make sense. They’re just being old ‘Ma Bell again, bullying everyone to survive.

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