From Twitter 08-01-2009

  • 00:39:22: L is convinced I’m about to have a nuclear meltdown
  • 01:52:11: McD has come out of hiding since the peeing. He is purring to apologize.
  • 01:52:36: @demonasolace but I didn’t have any girls.
  • 08:19:33: I am awake. Therefor I am loading the car.
  • 08:31:20: As soon as I get the car loaded and a few things cleaned up. Cats are already caged.
  • 09:11:19: @ottom I had to be on the road by noon anyway.
  • 11:19:04: It dawned on me. Tax free weekend on clothes. Uniforms are included & I needed white tops. This hit me when I saw a Uniform outlet.
  • 12:07:11: @devlynmoreland stopped for a moment at the shop. Now in South Carolina.
  • 12:19:08: No data connection.
  • 13:32:36: Almost to north Carolina. Boo peed in his carrier. I had to change the kitty pad. He appreciates the change but really wants out of the box.
  • 15:31:34: Not even halfway an I am already
  • 15:31:59: “are we there yet?”
  • 16:54:22: @lethann lol.
  • 16:56:08: Still in north carolina. Other side of Greensboro. 3 hours from Richmond which us where I’ll spend the night.
  • 17:56:25: Mcd isn’t sure if he should get out to potty.
  • 17:57:17: @lethann yeah kitty crack & Rascal can be hilarious.
  • 18:49:08: 1.5 hours to get to the hotel.
  • 20:41:37: At the hotel in Richmond.
  • 21:43:44: @erroch awww. The Baron is adorable.

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