Links of the day, mostly ones I want to keep up with

Dessert Platter
Image by Puck777 via Flickr

Graph of classes in slots. I must say with the groups I play with we have plenty of Tanks & Healers but some tanks have to go DPS in Naxx. Although the Gnome Mage always wants to tank :D. I need to joke that I want to heal.  Hey I have Goblin Jumper Cables…… Link

Tips for reducing clutter. Cause you know I am horrible about it. Link

I’m getting sick of the “killer appbuzzwords but they’ve amused me with the “killer app for your appetite” phrase. It’s about Pizza Hut‘s iPhone app. Link

Really cute photo. L will love it. Link

10 Word a TechCrunch writer would love to see banned from press releases. Link


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