From Twitter 08-03-2009

  • 07:39:13: @Amelia_Book 😦 I want to go see GI Joe. Guess I’ll have to take myself out to see it.
  • 08:18:12: Slept like a rock last night.
  • 08:20:01: Shoulder pops & crackles some but no pain today.
  • 09:06:45: It Is definitely a Monday.
  • 09:08:34: Just checked on the boys. they are using the litterbox and eating. Got to stay in the bathroom until the power gets turned on.
  • 09:11:45: @ottom sometime today.
  • 09:14:30: Despite his name, Lev is not a “low emission vehicle.” Quite the opposite. 🙂 (via @mricon) lev is his baby son.
  • 09:59:22: Unlike Atlanta it does not take 2 hours to get to “the other side” of the city
  • 12:36:14: I have power.
  • 12:59:28: Mcdonald is trying to “help” me make the bed.
  • 13:15:18: My check card got flagged for “suspicious activity”. Got that fixed.
  • 13:43:41: @ottom I stole my own money. 😀
  • 16:38:45: For @Amelia_book
  • 21:19:21: #WoW Tanya’s Onebook has leveled to 22 — only 58 more levels til he hits 80.:

    Onebook has leveled ..

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