From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 03:23:12: First night at work.
  • 11:57:33: SLFN: Summer Casual:
    First off, we have another Audrey skin from 5th & Oxford. There’s a lot of ..
  • 12:58:34: Guy is here to fix my cable.
  • 13:23:21: I can has internets? Yes, I can.
  • 14:21:36: @Amelia_Book No longer am I invading Panera Bread daily.
  • 14:22:14: Squirrell is too cute
  • 14:40:48: After the cable repair guy left, the guy showed up to fix the bed. Yay! All service calls in a few minutes of each other. WiFi is up.
  • 14:41:29: And apparently McD discovered a hiding place BEHIND the fridge. I am not happy with that. Didn’t know about it until he was climbing out.
  • 18:15:41: McDonalds has a new lemon pound cake. Not bad. I like it.
  • 18:17:34: @lethann I’d skip work if the Tardis showed up.
  • 18:43:19: @demonasolace cat enjoys pound cake 😀

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