Instapaper needs a iGoogle gadget & WordPress needs one that will work

iGoogle I am using Instapaper again. And I have started using the iGoogle start page. I have decided that they need to have an Instapaper gadget for iGoogle. I love to use Instapaper for those “read later” articles. I currently have the RSS feed displayed, but it doesn’t handle the autoarchiving when I click on it that Instapaper does. I collect stuff that I want to read, but don’t want to keep forever in Instapaper. Stuff I want to keep for a while goes into Evernote. Once I click on the link on the Instapaper site it is archived. I can always add it back if I don’t finish reading it. Kindleizing & iPhone apps have kept it growing and kept me using it as well.

I also want a quickpost gadget that works.

But as you can see I can see any updates in Google Reader, Gmail, My schedule in Google Calendar, my to do list in Remember the milk, my notes in Evernote, and voicemail messages in Google Voice.  What you can’t see that’s further down is Twitter. Granted for extensive use I want to go to the Gmail or Google reader website or open up a desktop program to deal with it, but this is the closest thing I can have right now to a master inbox.


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