Fun, fun runs….

Trial of Champions
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Monday was a dungeon day.
Started off with attempting Heroic Trial of the Champion. Let’s just say the results were less than stellar. It was mostly a pug. 5 of us were all melee and the 3 we got to go against were the Orc Warrior, the Troll Hunter, & the Blood elf Mage. We banged our head against it for quite a while. Tank was taking more damage than the healer could keep up with. Even when we swapped from a Pally to a Priest. So we finally just gave up.

Then we tried to do Onyxia. Let’s just say we were defeated by the instance portal boss. I never did get to see her.

After that I was invited to join a PUG raid that was starting to raid Mt. Hyjal for an alt. Basically it was 24 (maybe a few less) level 80’s on an achievement run and 1 Level 70 being Twinked out. Shadowsteale attempted to tank it, but some folks weren’t listening and kept aggroing things before he could grab them.

I then got invited by Alex to do a PUG for the daily heroic Drak’Tharon Keep. Our tank was so badly undergeared that I had to keep Tricks of the Trade in cooldown even on trash pulls. Plus I had to go get adds off Alex several times. Which led to the comment “Don’t you be hitting my healer.” I’d never been in there before, so I got the achievement (both standard & heroic).

I checked badges when we got back to Dalaran and I needed 3 more for an Epic neck piece that was a serious step up for me. I happened to mention this to Alex & Whiterabbit because we were still grouped up. And suddenly he was getting us Crestfall to run a heroic Trial of the Champion. Needless to say that went MUCH better. And I had enough badges for my neckpiece.

Then Tuesday was Naxx night. I ended up with my Tier gloves, a better cloak, & I won the Sartharian Dragonhide bag. Yay! 22 slot bag….. And that was my first time with Sartharian.


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