Twitter Rambling summary

Just my random twitter scribblings for today.

  • 01:03 And I am DONE with Hodir!!! #
  • 02:30 @erroch LOL!!!! At first I wondered which cat….. Ladye Grey or Rascal. Then I thought probably Rascal. #
  • 04:22 I put a bunch of stuff on the AH today (hit Shadowfang). And it SOLD! Quicker than stuff before hand. #WoW #
  • 04:42 Oh it was funny in AN. I spoke in vent & the guys were OMG a female Rogue actually played by a female!!! freaked them out. #
  • 20:41 #WoW Tanya dueled 813450520 on Hearthstone.:

    Book crushed Winnowill’s face into the ground, manglin.. #

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