Cataclysm: No plans to extend current heirlooms to 85

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Cataclysm: No plans to extend current heirlooms to 85

Bornakk, for example, stopped by a thread asking about how heirloom items will work post-80 in Cataclysm. He said that there are no plans to extend the experience bonus they give past level 80, though there may eventually be new heirlooms available to help bridge that gap. That’s not surprising, really — if they were extended, heirlooms would essentially be mandatory for the people racing to get to 85 first, and that’s a situation Blizzard would like to avoid.

Interestingly, he also noted that it’s “unlikely” that heirlooms won’t work on Worgen or Goblin characters, which is admittedly a relief, seeing how I just bought a set of them for my Worgen Warrior. Battle Howl, anyone?

Glad to hear that the plans are for heirlooms to work on Worgen. I have a pair of Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders on my Night Elf Druid (NatureBook) who will be leveling as feral at the moment that will get traded around with my planned Feral Druid Worgen. But if they had worked past Level 80, they would have also been shared with Book until she hit 85. I know they are PvP shoulders, but what else was I going to do with all those Stone Keeper Shards? I’m not a Jewelcrafter. I might get the Black War Mammoth when I get 300 this next time, but I already have the Grand Black War Mammoth.

I’m kinda excited about rolling a Worgen Druid. First off druids with some limitations can be anything. Tank (bear form), caster (worgen & moonkin form), healer (tree form), or melee dps (cat form). My main Hordie is a Tauren Druid, Onebook and I’m loving the cat form.  I’ve already rolled a placeholder character to reserve my name, WereBook. A few major questions are still open, like am I rolling a male Worgen or a female? Honestly I’ve stuck with female for my Alliance toons, but my Hordies are male. I’ve only seen the male worgens in the demos, and one concept art drawing of the females & I’ve dug up one shot of dubious heritage.

With a +1% damage as a racial I’m sure the Worgen Rogue will be a popular choice on the end game dps-er race for highest dps.

This expansion & current Blizzard thinking seems to be more geared toward “We want you to roll & level alts.”

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