Bad month

This has been a horrible month. And it isn’t even halfway done.

First off my aunt by marriage succumbed to breast cancer. Granted my uncle met & married her after I left home so I wasn’t all that close to her, but the times I did see her I liked her.

And a dear family friend had surgery for her brain tumor to try to relieve some pressure so she could have some quality of life. Her husband nearly brought me to tears when I called him. He is a very special erson to me. He had to make the decision to have her trach-ed & PEG-ed. I am glad he didn’t call me about it. I might have opposed it. I never want those things for myself. I only want a maximum of 10 minutes CPR. Yes I am writing this down. Don’t torture me.

And to top it off a friend of mine since 2nd grade is on the ventilator & currently being given only a 10% chance of survival. We started drifting apart when I started honors classes in high school. We rarely talked after I went away to college. I haven’t seen or spoken to her in 4 years. We’ve just been living our lives. Hers as the wife of a minister, mother of 2 children & her job as a teachers aide. I may be the jet set traveling nurse with the 2 degrees, but I only have 2 cats to travel with me. I did text her cousin so I probably will have a more direct info than my mom’s prayer request list.

I am starting to hate September.


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