Breakfast topic: Who inspired you to play what?

Breakfast topic: Who inspired you to play what?
Okay I’m going to list the ones on Earthen Ring in order.

Book: I play a human. Because I thought I’d understand them better than some fantasy magic creature (the Night elves that my friends love) that I don’t understand. I don’t read a lot of fantasy novels or even game alot. My choices were basically a warrior or a rogue since I fought light weapons in the SCA I figured I’d understand those better. I settled on a rogue out of those two because my roommate’s main is a rogue and I figured I could go to her with questions.

Tatianaseray: I tried a warrior alt because I kept dying as Book. My only complaint was things don’t die quick enough. But she is a cute little gnome. She was my bank alt for a while.

Booktoo: I also have a Warlock who’s level 17. I rolled her to get some idea of playing a warlock. I have a friend who has a warlock. We were both running Westfall together using her voidwalker as a tank. Even though I had less experience & was a lower level I look over the lead in trying to figure out how to take down mobs. So I rolled the Warlock to try to learn how to help her. I went for a gnome because it was different. And I’ve found that I really like gnomes.

Bankbook: She’s a Night Elf druid that I’ll never play (other than playing the auction house).

Booktrey: Blood Elf Paladin. She’s only like level 8, but I started her cause I wanted a Horde, Blood Elfs are pretty and a Pally can fill any role with the right gear/spec.

Shepardbook: Dwarf Priest level 7. She’ll get rerolled come Cataclysm to a gnome priest.

Naturebook: Night Elf druid Level 16. Quutar taught me a lot of what I know about raiding & how to play. So I thought I’d try a druid.

Werebook: Level 2 Draniei Mage. really just a placeholder for the name. possibility for a Worgen Druid

Badbook:  Level 57 Gnome Death Knight. I rerolled her from a human. Kept the same name. But I’m stuck on one quest in the starting area and can’t seem to get past it. And with it being phased I don’t think I could skip it.

Shiftybook: Level 2 Gnome Rogue. another really just a placeholder for the name. possibility for a Worgen Druid


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