Rogue’s Gallery

Wrote this yesterday.  What to do with server downtime? I thought I’d pull out some images & show you my Rogue’s gallery of characters. Some are quite different looking now with gear upgrades some are the same.

First up is Book. She’s my main. And this is the first set of Tier armor she worked for. Granted Ulduar gear was the new shiny at the time she hit 80 & started running Naxx. But I dearly LOVE the look of the bonescythe armor. It’s still sitting in my bank. She’s currently running ICC & is in a mix of gear at the moment.

Second character I ever rolled. I was going to level her a proc warrior cause I HATED dying so much with Book. At one point in time she was the same level as Book. Sad to report that if you armory her she’s still level 12. I just didn’t like her that much. Mainly I didn’t like how long it took to kill mobs. I got to the point of preferring my slightly squishy assassin over my warrior.

Ahhhhh My little lock. I rolled her because I was leveling some with a friend of mine in Westfall & I was the one making plans of attack & such (did I mention she’d been playing this game longer than me?). I really didn’t know how a warlock worked so I rolled her so I’d know how to use her abilities. She was originally going to be a throwaway character. She really has changed since this screenshot. She’s now level 35 & has really good gear for being level 35. She probably has the most heirlooms of any of my alts. Well I wanted to do SOMETHING with all those extra Conquest badges. Also I have found I LOVE doing random dungeons with her. It is quite different playing a lock & standing back to shoot at things instead of being in the thick of it.

Yes I skipped Bankbook & Booktrey. Bankbook is just what her name implies, a bank. She will probably perpetually be level 4. Booktrey is my pally, but take note of where she is. Yep, she’s a Blood Elf pally. Don’t know what I want to do with her, but it’s kinda fun to go to the other side. She’s level 11 now.  Shepard is my priest. I don’t know what I want to do with her so maybe that’s why she’s still level 7.

Nature is the druid I’m actually playing. She’s now level 28. Feral at the moment. Mainly kitty. I hope to switch her around level 50 to balance/resto. Notice the heirloom shoulders. I’ve now got the chest piece as well. Gotta love that combined 20% extra xp bonus.

Werebook was just a placeholder for a name. Decided against it & deleted that character. So my next alt in here is the Bad one. Yes, I rolled a gnome DK. Yes, she has pigtails just like Booktoo. She’s currently level 74. I ended up breaking down & getting her heirloom chest & shoulders. (can you tell Book’s been running a LOT of stuff?) And when she hits level 80? Straight to Tier 9.0 armor cause she’s going to be running a LOT of heroics herself).


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