State of the Badbook

Back shortly after Book hit 80 I did a post I called State of the Book. It was much fun & gave me an idea of what to work for. Many things have changed since then. Well I got my rogue in plate to 80. (Ok so she’s minus the stealth that I love & abuse so much.) I have a better idea of what to do & where to do it & what is just going to be a grind. So what do I need to do….

For her DPS set (395 badges):

  1. Thassarian’s Battlegear pants -50 badges
  2. Thassarian’s Battlegear Helm -50 badges
  3. gems for 5 sockets
  4. boots Plated Greaves of Providence -reg ToC5 off the Argent confessor
  5. Titanium Spikeguards – crafted bracers (need 8 Titansteel Bars, 4 Crusader Orbs, & Vengeance Bindings (12 Saronite bars & 1 Eternal Fire))
  6. Bloodshead Band -35 badges
  7. Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloack -25 badges
  8. Sigil of Virulence -25 badges
  9. Mark of Supremacy (Hit trinket) -50 badges

For her Tank set (518 badges):

  1. Thassarian’s Plate helm -50 badges
  2. Thassarian’s Plate shoulders -30 badges
  3. Thassarian’s Plate chest -50 badges
  4. Thassarian’s Plate gloves -30 badges
  5. Thassarian’s Plate pants -50 badges
  6. Bracers of Dalaran’s Parapets (wrists) -60 badges
  7. Shieldwarder Girdle (belt) -28 badges
  8. Clutch of Fortification (ring) -35 badges
  9. Sigil of Insolence -25 badges
  10. Essence of Gossamer -trinket from AN off of Hadrox
  11. badges for 8 sockets gems

Also need to research tank specs & learn the rotation. Cause I do want to be able to go I can tank since that is frequently the position most needed. I may need to give up on blood for my tank spec & go with Frost.

Also need to work on her blacksmithing since it’s only at 145.


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