Leveling tip for new characters

I’m currently working a bit on a new character. A Draneai paladin. I’ve got her to level 16. But something I noticed with Badbook & I am aiming to do with all my lowbie alts. Level in the Stormwind starting area. From the start I’m working toward exalted with Stormwind with leveling. Why? You now get flying at Level 60 & you can now get reputation discount for flight training. Initially the reputation was Honor Hold rep, but then Blizzard clued in that these are characters just starting their Honor Hold quests so they changed it to Stormwind rep. However they left the mount vendor as Honor Hold rep. So if you have a Level 80 friend willing to do it, it may still be worth it to hit Hellfire Ramparts & Blood Furnace for quick nukes to get to honored rep for your 5 gold discount on your flying mount (it reduces it to 45 gold from 50 gold). So if I get my newer characters to exalted with Stormwind before going to Outlands then I can reduce flying from 250 gold to 200 gold). Granted Book can make 50 gold easily in just a few random dungeons. But still I like for alts to mostly pay for themselves with the acutal gold with the occasional small handout from Bankbook (hey she’s doing her job of monitoring & selling on the auction house well).

With Book I was exalted with all Alliance home factions by the time I was level 50 cause I wanted all the mounts, but the rest of my toons are going for 1 mount each. I’ll pay for function of the riding speed increases, but I’m not totally grinding rep & buying multiple mounts with all my toons.


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