My Top iPhone “Toys”

After having my iPhone 3 years I still love it. If I had to give it up I probably would go with an Andriod phone, but at this point I’m staying with my original flavor of Kool-Aid.

  1. Evernote
    Evernote is my external brain. Things I’d like to remember, but just don’t have the mental “storage capacity” to keep get dumped in here & I can search for the details later. And the best thing is it syncs across from my iPhone to my laptop to my desktop. & I also can access it from the web.
  2. Tweetie
    Tweetie is something @lablalock turned me on to right after iPhone apps started. It is a Twitter client. In fact Twitter recently purchased it to be their official app.
  3. foursquare
    I love achievements. In World of Warcraft I loge singing a level or the ding of achievements. Foursquare is real life achievements for checking in RL locations.
  4. Sleep Cycle
    Sleep Cycle is something else @lablalock turned me on to. It creates a graph of your sleep & learns your sleep patterns. It attempts to wake you when you are naturally close to being awake.
  5. Epocrates
    Drug book. I’ve been using it since I was in nursing school when it was palm only.
  6. Kindle
    I love my books but the bulk of them makes it hard to travel. I have a Kindle device but this allows you to have books you purchase also on your iphone or ipad.
  7. G-Park
    1. Park your car. 2. Set your g-Park. 3. Get lost. It will help you find where you parked.
  8. I Can Has Cheeseburger
    Gotta love those silly cats. My boyfriend will steal my phone to look at these too.
    Budget tracking. Watch where you are spending your money.
  10. Cardstar
    I used to have a whole keychain devoted to those store discount cards. It was kinda rediculous. Now just punch the number into your cardstar app & it saves it there. Just flip to the one you want & let the cashier scan your phone.


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