Begining WoW

This post is being written for @devlynmoreland and her friend Chris who are still kinda new to World of Warcraft. It includes several things I wish I knew when starting.

Train about every 2 levels. I train on even levels so I can remember when I need to go in for training.

Level & quest in a dps spec for things to go faster. You can level in any spec of any class

Try different classes


  1. Tank – keeps the bad guy’s attention & absorbs damage (can’t kill stuff quickly, but can take a lot of hits)
  2. Healer – heals tanks, dps & healers (can’t kill stuff quickly, but can heal through incoming damage)
  3. DPS – damage dealers (abbreviation for damage per second; deals a lot of damage, but may not can withstand many hits)
    1. melee– up close & personal
    2. ranged – from a distance
      1. physical – hunters
      2. casters – magical ranged dps (mage, warlocks, shadow priests, elemental shamans, balance druids)

Good resources

* – best wow database online. look up items, quests, achievements, etc.
* – guide to leveling your professions quickly
* wowwiki – good place for Wow history.
* – news

Good leveling addons

* Lightheaded – so you don’t have to tab out for wowhead comments
* TomTom – points you in the right direction
* TourGuide – directs you to certain quests/areas, etc. for faster leveling
* Omen – if you’re a hunter or a warlock or do a lot of dungeons so you don’t pull aggro (a mob’s attention) off either your pet or the tank


* Melee DPS as fury or arms talent trees
* Tank as protection talent tree
* Primary stats on gear while leveling is Strength for DPS, Stamina for Tank


* Ranged Physical DPS in all talent trees: Beastmastery, Survival & Marksman
* Beastmastery is considered the best spec to use while leveling
* Primary stat is Agility
* Pets for the situation: dps pets – cat or wolf; tank pets – boar, bear or gorilla


* Ranged DPS in all talent tress: Demonology, Destruction & Affliction
* Demonology is considered the best spec to use while leveling
* Primary stat is Intellect
* DPS minions: Felguard for Demonology, Imp for Destruction, Felhunter for Affliction
* Tank minion: Voidwalker


* Melee DPS in all talent trees: Assassination, Combat & Subtlety
* Combat is the easiest to level. Then respec for your best weapons
* Primary stat is Agility


* Ranged DPS in all talent trees: Frost, Fire & Arcane
* Frost is considered the easiest to level
* Primary stat is Intellect


* Ranged DPS in Shadow talent tree
* Healer in Discipline or Holy talent trees
* Primary stat is Intellect & Spirit


* Melee DPS in Enhancement talent tree
* Ranged DPS in Elemental talent tree
* Healer in Restoration talent tree
* Primary stat is Agility for Enhancement, Intellect for Elemental or Restoration
* Recognized by Totems, totems, totems


* Melee DPS is Retribution talent tree
* Tank is Protection talent tree
* Healer is Holy talent tree
* Primary stat is Strength for Retribution, Stamina for Protection, Intellect for Holy


* Melee DPS is Feral talent tree (in cat form)
* Ranged DPS is Balance talent tree (in Moonkin form)
* Tank is Feral talent tree ( in bear form)
* Healer is Restoration talent tree (in Tree form)
* Feral is considered easier for leveling
* Primary stat is Agility for Feral, Intellect for Balance or Restoration

Death Knight

* Melee DPS or Tank in any tree: Blood, Frost or Unholy
* Primary stat is Strength for melee dps, Stamina for tank
* DK’s start at level 55. Must have a character on the account at level 55 or higher to create one (does not have to be on that server)

Good profession pairings

* Herbalism/Alchemy
* Mining/Blacksmithing
* Enchanting/Tailoring
* Mining/Engineering
* Skinning/Leatherworking
* Mining/Jewelcrafting
* Herbalism/Inscription
* Skinning/Mining
* Skinning/Herbalism



  1. Mezzy poked me this morning, and reminded me that there were some things we should mention about warlocking …

    Our Primary Stat really isn’t Intelligence … most warlocks seek Stamina; you’ll see that on our gear. It’s a simple relationship: Stamina + Life Tap = Mana. Right now Spirit is a very nice secondary, due to the way Fel Armor and the Glyph of Life Tap work. This, however, will change when Cata goes online with the change of how Spirit will work (or rather won’t anymore) for casters in general.

    Our Crowd Control minion is the Succubus, our Anti-Caster Minion is the Felhunter, our Shock Combat minions are the Infernal and Doomguard (for special occassions).

    For Demonology both the Felguard and Voidwalker are both good mini tanks; the Voidwalker is tougher but slower, the Felguard is faster but higher maintenance.

    And for leveling, you have tickled my heart. I would agree with you that Demonology is a very strong leveling spec. However the truth is all three specs will get you to 80 very effectively. Demonology is flexible and tough and can better handle more of the the encounters one meets out in the questing/instancing world. Affliction is a favorite of very vocal many (the song Little Boxes comes to mind). It’s strength is it’s self sustainability and lack of down time. Believe it or not, Destruction is also great for leveling – it can be a literal blast. However you just may have to *gasp the horror* drink every now and then.

    • You are correct. I was trying to over simplify & cover probably the first 10-30 levels at best. Of course I also leveled my warlock before the mana changes to starter spellcasting when you would run out of mana during pulling a single mob. *shudder*

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