Begining hunters & their pets

I’m just taking a stab at this since I myself haven’t gotten a hunter past level 19. Good resource database is

Ask yourself what you do want from your pet?

  • solo questing & leveling?
  • tanking for you & a friend?
  • extra dps in a dungeon?
  • a good mix of damage & armor for pvp?

You can have 5 total pets. See a Stable Master to stable your pet so you can tame a new one.

Pets come in 3 categories of pets

  • Tenacity – high health, but low damage. These are good for solo questing, leveling or as a tank for a small group. Examples: Bears, boars, crabs, crocolisks, gorillas, rhinos*, scorpids, turtles, warp stalkers, worms*
  • Ferocity – low armor, but high damage. These are good for extra damage in a group that you already have a tank for. Examples: Carrion Birds, cats, core hounds*, devilsaurs*, hyenas, moths, raptors, spirit beasts*, tallstriders, wasps, wolves
  • Cunning – medium stats. These strike a balance between health, armor & damage done. Examples: Bats, birds of prey, chimaeras*, dragonhawks, nether rays, ravagers, serpents, silithids*, spiders, spore bats, wind serpents

*exotic pets only tamable by beastmaster hunters with the 51 talent point skill

Also look up what they eat. So you know what they will eat. Bears & boars do eat anything.


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