Random Dungeonfinder

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Random Dungeonfinder

Another of my beginning series……

At level 15 you see a button available to you on your toolbar. Dungeon finder. It looks like a green eye. I thought a few tips might make things a little easier when you start running dungeons.

  • Set aside uninterrupted play time. Use the bathroom before hand. Have your soda & snacks close by. I’m not saying if a dungeon is dragging on that you can’t call for a bio break, but most dungeons can be run in about 15 min to a hour.
  • Plan to spend around an hour.
  • Only queue as a healer or a tank if you want & are prepared to do the job. At lower levels you can tank as a Fury spec’ed warrior. You can heal as a balance druid. Heck, I healed Deadmines on my tank spec’ed pally. But starting about level 40 I’d suggest you not do this. Because something called dual-specing can be done starting at level 40. You can have 2 sets of talent points. Now it’s expensive…. 1,000 Gold. But if you want to level healing, but still have a dps spec for questing it’s the way to go.
  • Let the tank get aggro. Lay off for about 6 seconds to let the tank establish aggro on a mob. Follow the tank’s target. Don’t go off attacking things on your own. For hunters & warlocks keep your pets on passive. Yes, it will require you to micromanage your pet, but you can do it & it will keep your pet from accidentally pulling extra mobs.
  • Get the Quests. Share the Quests. Grab the quests for an instance. When you’re in the instance share it with others you all get them done at the same time, because while leveling that extra xp helps you all out.
  • Are your bags ready? Stocked with potions & foods that you need, empty space to pick up quest items, vendor trash (hey that’s good silver & it adds up), as well as those nifty boss gear drops.
  • Stay till the end. What do you get out of it? Achievements, gold, xp bonus (cause it will level us that much faster) & a Satchel of Helpful Goods. Granted sometimes the stuff in the Satchel will seem to be expensive vendor trash (hello giving a warrior intellect mail), but other times it will be useful. The Satchel drops for every random dungeon you do. My warlock leveled in style (wearing mostly heirlooms & blues) thanks to the dungeon finder.
  • Don’t stay with a fail group. Sometimes you just get a bad group. Don’t stay with a group that is annoying you to no end. Wiping constantly. Bitching at everyone. It’s not worth it. Just leave. Ignore anyone who’s very offensive. The random dungeon finder will never put you in group with someone who’s on your ignore list.
  • Don’t immediately leave group at the end of a good group. If you’re with a good group & you have the time ask if they want to re-queue for another dungeon. I’ve seen good groups chain run instances together until people had to leave.

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