Update on my day

Went to the mall with Jennifer today. Met her for lunch. Hung out with her until Jared got off work. Then we spent about 30 min just the 3 of us. Until Saba got off work. Then Jenn went with Saba & Jared & I went to Chipoltle then to his house to eat. Then he was on Flournd & alliance won VoA. He got Bad into VoA 10 & 25. Nothing dropped for her, but hey free badges. He also got Booktoo into a VoA 25. She really wasn’t geared for it. Not hit capped. Still in Blues & Greens. Nothing but badges on her. I did 2 randoms for her & got her the hit trinket. Also got superior achievement & the Greedy achievement. I looked at Bad’s badge count & I was able to buy her 3 pieces of the Tier 10 set. Went with the shoulders, chest piece & pants. Not I have to gem & enchant them up.


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