Basics of Account Security

You work hard on your characters & your account. Just type /played & find out the amount of time you’ve played your character. It usually is more than you would think. So protect it with a few basic precautions.

  1. Practice good computer hygiene. Keep your anti virus up to date and scan your computer regularly. One favorite way of scammers is getting a keylogger installed via a virus.
  2. Beware of individual whispers for individuals you don’t know. WoWBoonie whispered me to say I need to log in at or my account will be suspended for suspicious activity. Keep in mind Blizzard will just suspend your account & sort it out later. They also can do stuff such as reimburse a day of play if they so choose. You may encounter a variation of this with “You won XXXX prize. You need to log in to claim your prize at .” Blizzard has the ability to just drop it in your mailbox.
  3. Beware of phishing emails sent to your email address.
  4. Buy and use an authenticator. Accounts with authenticators can be hacked, but not easily.

Ask me about World of Warcraft.


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