Achievementology: Midsummer Fire Festival as under level 80

Midsummer Fire Festival is a bonfire festival in Azeroth running from June 21 to July 4th this year. I like to have as many of the holiday achievements as possible done before hitting level 80. A few things occasionally can’t be done until then.  But when you get all the yearly achievements done you get a very cool Violet Proto drake flying mount that goes at 310% speed. Plus there’s a nice little buff with the summer festival. 10% extra XP for killing monsters. You want to keep this buff up as much as possible while you can while you are under max level.
Burning Blossom - Item - World of Warcraft
You are visiting the bonfires around the world to gather Burning Blossoms. You ignite the ones for your faction & extinguish the ones of the other faction. Now I will just point you to a few links that will help you locate the bonfires.
TourGuide Midsummer Fire Festival – add onto your TourGuide to help you locate the fires in an efficient order
Wowhead’s Guide to the Midsummer Fire Festival
WoWInsdier’s Overachievers Guide to the Midsummer

Even though the vendors have some nice stuff don’t buy stuff as soon as you get enough Blossoms. You need some things for the achievement then you can sell them right back for a refund to buy the fun things such as the pets.

Burning Hot Pole Dance
You need 400 Blossoms from visiting fires before completing this achievement because you have to purchase 3 items.

* Mantle of the Fire Festival (100 blossoms)
* Sandals of Summer (200 blossoms)
* Vestment of Summer (100 blossoms)

I’d suggest saving blossoms until you have 400. You can purchase these 3 things. Then spin at the poles located next to the bonfires for 60 seconds. Presto achievement complete. Then you can go back to the vendor & sell them all back for a refund. (Edit: You can’t sell them back this year) Then you can get your fun things such as your pet.

The Fires of Azeroth and Desecration of the Alliance/Horde
Is just visiting all the bonfires & completing the quests all over Azeroth & the Outlands. You may find some of these in higher level areas involve a little bit of corpse running as mobs are much higher level than you. And Outlands you may be unable to do if you cannot find a friendly warlock to summon you into that zone. (Actually if you can get a warlock to summon you to Dalaran & set your hearthstone there. I’ve done this for all my characters & it helps immensely.)

King of the Fire Festival
Complete the quest, “A Thief’s Reward” (Alliance/Horde) by stealing the flames from your enemy’s capital cities. This is possible to do at a lower level but expect to die a lot. Because you automatically get flagged for Player vs. Player combat in an enemy capital & the guards are level 75. I’d suggest taking off anything that would take durability damage like armor, weapons, etc. before doing this.

Ice the Frost Lord
Slay Lord Ahune in the Slave Pens (an outlands dungeon). You will be unable to do this quest if you are under Level 65. The boss is selected via the random dungeon finder. It leads to a cool tabard to wear & some nice loot items.  I’m looking at the loot tables for the boss & there are a few nice cloaks there & a staff I will be trying for on my alts.

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