What does PvP mean? What are battlegrounds?

PvP is the abbreviation for Player vs. Player. Instead of fighting preprogramed NPC (non player characters) you are fighting another person. You may not use your “correct” rotation of attacks. You may rely more heavily on stuns. Some people find this more enjoyable than the programed NPC fights. You now get xp from battlegrounds & PvP.

What is a battleground? It’s an organized group PvP game with objectives such as capture the flag.

How do you sign up for a battleground? Hit H on your keyboard then click on the “Battlegrounds” tab on the bottom. You can select any battleground listed there or pick the “Random Battleground” feature. Then hit the “Join Battle” button. When your battleground is ready you’ll be informed by a pop up & you can chose to join or not.
World of Warcraft

Ask me about World of Warcraft.



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