How do I talk to others?

You may want to talk to people. After all this is a Massively Multiplayer Online game. So how do you do it?

/s or /say will let you say something & those in your immediate area will see it.

/y or /yell will cover a wider area

/w NAME will let you whisper a character with that name. You can also target the individual & right click the player icon to get a drop down menu & whisper should be an option (unless they are on the opposing faction from you).

/r will let you reply to a whisper to you.

General chat
/1 I usually only find general chat useful in Icecrown. I leveled with this channel turned off. Honestly I didn’t miss it. Usefulness & activity varies from zone to zone.

Trade chat
/2 Be surprised to find actual trade taking place in this channel. But you can find entertaining & annoying conversations going on. I usually keep this one turned off.

Local Defense
/3 Another channel I don’t usually bother with. I think it’s more active on PvP servers, but the automated “Stormwind is under attack. Stormwind is under attack.” just annoys me since I’m on an RP server.

Looking for Group
/4 This used to be pratically the only way to find a dungeon run. However thanks to the random dungeonfinder this is now amost exclusivly the terriorty of PUG raids. Mostly you’ll see LFG
“{Weekly raid quest boss} must die.”

Friends list
Now this is getting into the important people in your life. These are the people you usually turn to for help, hang out with in game. Click “o” & then click the “Add Friend” button. Type in the character name that you want to friend. Presto you’ll see when they’re online. Just right click on the Friends list name & you’ll have the option to whisper that character.

Real ID friends + conversations
Some people are electing not to do the Real ID thing at the moment due to some privacy concerns, but used carefully I think it could be a very good thing. The way I think of this is these are the people that I would give my phone number to. In fact the majority of the people on my Real ID list are in my top people called on my phone (except for my mother who doesn’t play). They can see you on any server. And talk to you across factions whether Horde or Alliance. You can also make conversations between multiple Real ID friends regardless of the fact they’re on the same server or faction by right clicking a name and choosing “Make Conversation”. You’ll then get a popup to add more Real ID friends. Great for starting group conversations. To add a Real ID friend just follow the same method as adding a friend, but enter the email address instead of the character name.

Ignore list
This is an important one. You can run across some annoying individuals in WoW just like in real life. However those who are extremely annoying you can just ignore. That screaming idiot in your random dungeon, just right click on his name in chat & select the Ignore option. You won’t see him in chat anymore. If he tries to whisper you he’ll get a message that he’s being ignored by you. You won’t see what he says in general chat. And the random dungeonfinder will NOT put you in a group with him again.

These are things that let you express emotions. Like /kiss, /hug, /dance. There are lots of them. I’ll just refer you to the list at

Custom channels (/join ballpit)
Prior to Real ID friends & Real ID conversations it was a little more difficult to start a group conversation with multiple people. You had to start a custom channel with a /join CUSTOMCHANNELNAME to converse with those people.

Horde vs. Alliance
Horde & Alliance have some emotes that will transfer over. Such as /hug or /wave, but some of the more complex ones will show you “NAME makes some strange gestures.”

Mature language filter
Hit “escape” go to Interface Options -> Social. Then check (or uncheck if you wish) the mature language filter. This is a Teen rated game & some kids do play with parental supervision. Some parents will require thier child turn this on to play.

Ask me about World of Warcraft.



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