What is a good way to organize my bags?

Bag sorting can be frustrating. I spent time fishing while sorting my bags one day & I managed to catch Old Ironjaw. Now I’m always a big fan of saving time so unless I’m on another server where I don’t have much social support I try to always get the largest bags I can afford.

I move my hearthstone to the left most bag along with things such as skinning knife or blacksmith hammer. If you’re lucky you may acquire a gnomish army knife which is a nice multifunctional tool which can replace a skinning knife, blacksmith hammer & several other things you need for item creation. But back to bags. I move my hearthstone, tools & needed potions/food into the left most bag. As you Auto loot items go in the right bag so I try to keep that bag clear for items such as quest drops & vendor trash loot.

Ask me about World of Warcraft.



  1. Bag organizing is one of the few places that I think mods are still big. I use ArkInventory and with a little configuration it auto sorts and groups my items for me.

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