I’m level 50… What next?

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Image by Tatiana Mik via Flickr

I personally view this as the hardest 8 levels in the current game (I hope this will change with cataclysm). This (level 50-60) was originally the last 10 levels of the game. So why did I say 8 & not 10? Because at level 58, I suggest heading to Outlands & start your questing there. Anyway back to level 50…

Zones to quest in

Burning Steppes (50-58)- In the Eastern Kingdoms, a zone controlled by the minions of the black dragonflight & agents of the firelord Ragnaros. The Alliance outpost is Morgan’s Vigil. The Horde outpost is Flame Crest. Blackrock Mountain can be accessed from this zone & the mountain connects this zone to Searing Gorge.

Deadwind Pass (55-60)- In the Eastern Kingdoms, a dead zone of land without travel hubs. Also home to the level 70 10-man raid Karazhan.

Eastern Plaguelands (53-60) – In Eastern Kingdoms, the more heavily devistated half of the Plaguelands, formerly the Kingdom of Lordaeron, overrun by Scourge. Quest hub is the Light’s Hope Chapel maintained by the neutral Argent Dawn faction. Naxxramas (40 man level 60 raid) was formerly here until it was taken to Northrend & upgraded to a level 80 raid. The runied city of Stratholme is here.

Hellfire Pennisula (58-63) – In the Outlands the starter zone. You can start here at level 58. In my opinion the quest flow is better & the quest reward gear is better than the higher end original WoW dungeon drops.

Silithus (55-60)- In southren Kalimdor, an insect infested area. The neutral faction Cenarion Circle maintains the quest hub here. It is home to Ahn’Qiraj raids (a 20 man & 40 man level 60 raid)

Western Plaguelands (51-58) – In the Eastern Kingdoms, scourge infested land. Alliance maintains Chillwind Camp in the area which is a quest hub. The dungeon Scholomance is located here.

Winterspring (53-60) – In northern Kalimdor, home to Everlook a neutral goblin town. You must reach neutral reputation with Timbermaw Hold before going through the tunnel to access this area.
Dungeons to run

Blackrock Mountain: Blackrock Depths (53-56) – Blackrock Mountain was the original end game content located between Searing Gorge & the Burning Steppes. Inhabited by Dark Iron dwarfs this is the largest 5 man instance in World of  Warcraft.  An entire clear of the instance usually takes 4-6 hours. The minimum level for entry is 40, but it generally isn’t a good idea until level 53 unless you have higher level friends taking you through. The initial gear quest rewards in the Outlands   render BRD gear drops obsolete, but they are still good until you reach level 58.

Blackrock Mountain: Blackrock Spire (57-65) – Inhabited by the Dark Horde & the black dragonflight as well as Nefarian son of Deathwing. Not frequently run while leveling anymore.

Dire Maul (55-65) – Added in a patch this 3 wing instance in Feralas was formerly a Highborne city, but now inhabited by ogres, satyrs & undead. Minimum level for entry is 45.

Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts (59-62) inhabited by Fel Orcs & demons this 3 boss dungeon yields some good gear. My DK wore several pieces from here the entire way through Outlands & into Northrend.

Scholomance (55-65) – An academy for Scourge necromancers located in Western Plaguelands. Minimum level for entry is 45.

Stratholme (56-61) – Located in the Eastern Plaguelands this city is where the Order of the Silver Hand (Paladins) were founded. Inhabited currently by the Scarlet Crusade & the Scourge. Minimum level for enter is 45. Frequently farmed for the rare drop Baron Rivendare’s mount.
PvP to battle

Warsong Gulch & Arathi Basin as previously discussed.

Alterac Valley (51+) In the Alterac Mountains of Eastern Kingdoms, fighting between the Frostwolf Clan orc who are defending thier homes & the dwarves of the Stormpike Guard who are exploring & claiming the area for Ironforge in a 40 vs. 40 battleground. The goal of the battleground is to reduce the opposite team’s reinforcement to 0 from 600. Killing opponents, capturing bunkers & towers all reduce the numbers, but killing the enermy General does it instantly. Brackets are slightly different here with 51-60, 61-70, 71-79 & 80.
At 58, I encourage you to abandon every quest in your quest log & go to a major city. After visiting your trainer, find the mage trainer. Near them is a portal to the Blasted Lands. Take the portal (you will not be able to use this portal until level 58) and in front of you  will be the Dark Portal. Go through the portal to Outlands. At the base of the stairs Alliance will head left & Horde will go to the right.

The Outlands will level you much quicker than staying in original WoW. It is also better designed for questing because Blizzard applied things they learned in the 2 years of original WoW.

Ask me about World of Warcraft or the Cataclysm Beta. – You do not have to sign up for the website to ask a question. You can ask without an account.



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