Cataclysm Beta

Ok. more spoilerrific photos…..

World of Warcraft
Druids now get cat form at level 10. This makes much more sense to me than bear form. Apparently from the spell book you will get bear form at Level 15. I’m starting to wonder about the worgen mount. I haven’t heard.

World of Warcraft
Love the top hat. Everyone should wear one.

World of Warcraft
My top hat as a human.

World of Warcraft
Goblin mailboxes are rockets. & there’s a marketing rep in the starting zone.

World of Warcraft
I think Goblins have the best totems. Only thing that could have beaten it would be dwarfs with kegs.

World of Warcraft
Swimming pool in the goblin starter zone. The goblin area right now is much more polished than the worgen one.

World of Warcraft
I think this wins my award for the BEST TRAINER IN THE GAME. Also I couldn’t screenshot it but the mage & warlock trainers keep taking potshots at each other.

World of Warcraft
This is my goblin warlock. I tried to go for a redneck/whitetrash look :).



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