Some exploring in WoW: Cataclysm

Took Book & did some exploring in Beta for Cataclysm. Got some screen shots to share.

Again spoiler warning……………….

World of Warcraft
Here you’re looking at the remains of the Park in Stormwind.

cape of stranglethorn
Stranglethorn Vale is being split into 2 zones & this is the scene in the middle.

World of Warcraft
Sentinel Hill has received a few upgrades. There is now a wall being built around it.

Loch Modan
The Loch in Loch Modan is going down. In fact it’s almost empty. You’re looking at the old fishing pier here.

Loch Modan
This is the reason the Loch has drained. The dam is broken.

Menthil Harbor
Because of the dam breaking Menethil Harbor is flooded. It’s still there & so is the quest givers you are just wading through water to get there.

Got anything you’re curious about seeing what changed?



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