The Rogue’s Gallery…. Updated

Ok. Going over my Earthen Ring characters again & where they are….. just cause I like looking back at these after a while.

World of Warcraft

Book my Rogue. My main. My first character. My first 80. My raiding character & uber dps. Mutilate/Combat dual spec-ed human rogue. 4 pc Tier 10 sanctified gear. In fact all of her gear is from ICC 25 or equivalent.

World of Warcraft
My Gnome Warrior. Level 14. Second character I ever made. Prot spec.

World of Warcraft

Booktoo. The third character I’ve ever made. Gnome Warlock. Ironically enough she was my third 80 as well. She was originally a joke in which I was going to play around on to learn how to play a warlock since I was questing with a friend who played a lock. She didn’t even get a real name. Now she’s 80 and geared out enough to run ICC10. She’s Destro/Demo dual-spec’ed.

World of Warcraft
Fourth character. Who happens to just be level 4, Bankbook. She’s good at her job though. This Night Elf druid tirelessly runs from the auction house to the mailbox every day. Keeps records & everything. She’s a banker plain & simple.

World of Warcraft
My fifth character & another one I didn’t come up with a good name for. Booktrey was going to be a hybrid since I was only going to roll 1 Horde alt on ER. Level 18 Blood Elf Prot Paladin. When you could transfer Heirlooms across to other factions she got her own set.

World of Warcraft
Shepardbook my dwarf priest who’s level 16. And when I say I heirloom-ed her out I did. Although these were the true sense of heirlooms. They were Booktoo’s before she hit 80. She has 5 points placed in Shadow, but I mean to make her Discipline in the end (or maybe Holy). And come cataclysm I was going to race change her into a Gnome.

World of Warcraft
My feral Night Elf druid Naturebook. Level 33 currently. I plan to go Resto/Balance in the end with her, but I have problems with leveling from a distance. đŸ™‚

World of Warcraft
Badbook. My level 80 Gnome Death Knight. She was the second one I got to level 80. And currently she’s in 3 pieces of Tier 10.0 set & a Shadow’s Edge. 900+ more souls in ICC to go. I don’t reasonably expect to be able to make Shadowmourne. She’s dual-spec’ed Blood (dps) & Blood (tank)

World of Warcraft
And last active character, but not least. My Draneai Prot spec-ed Paladin. Who’s now level 24. She inherited the heirloom gear from Badbook.

My last slot is a placeholder name for my Worgen druid.



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