Cataclysm Beta: more photos

Yeppers more photos & stuffs…

World of Warcraft

Your office after you set it on fire for the insurance money.

World of Warcraft

Doc saving your life. I still don’t trust those goblin jumper cables.

World of Warcraft

Warrior trainer doesn’t take up much packing space.

World of Warcraft

One of your quest lines is to take photos of different things in a cave. It’s rather bloody obvious what you’re supposed to take photos of.

World of Warcraft

Ok. So you’ve rescued Thrall…. No wonder you have instant acceptance from the Horde, but how bloodly ego stroking do you want to get???? You’re only like level 7.

World of Warcraft

You now get a voidwalker at level 8. I approve of this. Also my VW’s name is very close to my friend Thorgoth’s name. 🙂

World of Warcraft

Naga banners

World of Warcraft

Bilgewater Cartel banner

World of Warcraft

I love the Shaman triainer’s tattoos, will the rest of the shaman be getting them?



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