Cataclysm Beta: The Fashionista in me has struck

I must review the fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently someone at Blizzard is learning some basics of fashion design.

Yes after a year & a half the fashionista is striking. (@amelia_book is probably laughing her %^* off as she reads this.)
World of Warcraft

My little gnome priest. Excellent combination of yellow & brown tones. I like the detail work of the shading.:)

World of Warcraft

This is essentially the same dress in a blue/grey combination that works very well.

World of Warcraft

And the pants that go with the dress.

World of Warcraft

The leather outfit. Nice uses of¬†burgundy¬†& grey. It does look like leather armor, but it’s not that shoddy shading & armor that just makes you cringe as a fashionista in the starter zones of Vanilla World of Warcraft. Of course I had to roll a goblin shaman for their totems.

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