Cataclysm Beta: The Hunters

Ok. Since I did The Rogues I have to do the hunters cause they’re cool. Plus no one voted on the poll so that means I can pick what I want to do next.

Starting with the guys first again.

World of Warcraft

Orcs carry a bow & have boars as pets.

World of Warcraft

Undead start with crossbows & have bats.

World of Warcraft

Tauren with bow &  plainstrider (stupid question, but do they have feathers?)

World of Warcraft

Troll with bow (isn’t bow specialization an great racial for trolls since BiS is usually a bow)

World of Warcraft

Blood elf has a bow & dragonhawk

World of Warcraft

Goblins the only horde with guns. Crabs anyone????

World of Warcraft

The new human class. Hunter. with crossbow & wolf

World of Warcraft

Dwarf with a gun (duh?) and a bear (another duh)

World of Warcraft

Night elf with a bow & saber (were we expecting anything different?)

World of Warcraft

Draenai hunter with crossbow & moth

World of Warcraft

Worgen (female not yet available) with a gun & a “mastiff”. I love the mastiff which reminds me a little of a bulldog & not a mastiff @Amelia_Book‘s probably going to correct me on the breed as soon as she sees this.


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