Visible Vote

Doing a travel assignment in Washington DC has made me more aware of government issues and the need to be active on these issues, but keeping up with everything can be difficult. This app simplifies it.
Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 16 PM

You just launch the app & let it know your zip code. One thing I like is it uses your hand entered zip code & not your location. Cause I actually vote in my “home” location & not where I currently am. You see your president, senators & representatives. See how they voted compared to your entered votes. If you touch their names. You can touch their name to go to their profiles including their Twitter accounts. You see their Real Time Approval Rating (RTA) & can vote yourself. Also you can click to call your congress person.

Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 25 PM
But the true meat of the app is bills & the voting you can do on them. Read over the main points of the bill. Find links to new sources on the bill. Then VOTE! for yourself.  Your votes are collected & weekly faxed to your representatives so they know the opinion on the individuals they represent. Also you are asked to rate how important the issue is to you. This can be important to your representative.
Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 47 PMMobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 33 PMMobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 40 PM
There’s also polls on current hot topics.
Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 53 PM

Also you can write your congressional representatives right inside the app.
Don’t have an iPhone???? Facebook can be useful, because there is a facebook app for Visible Vote.

Visible Vote on FacebookVisible Vote on Facebook

Or if you run Windows there is a windows application downloadable at
A Mac version is in the works.

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