– Never Wait on Hold Again – Never Wait on Hold Again.

I hate waiting on hold, but now I think I’m in love. I used Lucyphone when calling Uhaul & Comcast during my recent move. I will admit Uhaul didn’t take too well to it, but Comcast did. I just used the website or the iPhone app. I entered Comcast & Lucy knew the number already. Uhaul I had to type in their toll free number. Lucyphone called me on the phone number I specified. I was connected to the phone tree which I navigated. When I got to the hold portion of the call I just typed ** & Lucyphone took over. When the human answered Lucyphone called me back. Now yes I could have put it on speaker, but who wants to hold music the entire time you’re doing other stuff?

Lucyphone iPhone app


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